How NOT to Clean Your Silver Car

What is the correct procedure for cleaning your silver car? This is a question that many people hardly cam answer and even those who do hardly follow it. Depending on the color of your car, you may have realized that there are those that show or hide dirt more than others.

On the other hand, most people fail to get that superbly polished, wet-look car finish after they clean their silver cars.

So, is it true that silver is a difficult color when it comes to getting its shininess pop out? Actually, you should not expect to get a deep glossy reflection on bright colored cars like silver compared to darker colors. But it is possible to achieve that deep and shiny look of a shimmer metallic pool of paint.


If you want to give a stunning look to your silver car, the following is how NOT to clean it.

Start washing without pre-cleaning your silver car

Pre-cleaning of your silver car is a step that is overly overlooked although it should be the first step especially when it is heavily soiled. It involves removing mud, grime, thick dust and other stubborn coarse stains that stick to your car exterior and tires.

While silver color is good at hiding dirt, contamination can be far more visible since it is a lighter color. This initial decontamination can be done using with products like traffic film, snow foams, degreasers, removers and dissolvers at a car wash station or using a high-pressure cleaner.

Using just any cleaning product

Using the wrong cleaning products can do any car more harm than good. This usually happens during quick car washes. For instance, a chrome wheel cleaner will not work well on an aluminum wheel since it is too acidic and will definitely ruin it.

Using a dish cleaner instead of a car washing soap will also damage the paint and even strip the wax away. Whether it is a decontaminant, detergent, wax, detailer or polish, ensure that you use quality products only. This can be verified by reading the label before buying them.

As for your silver car, you can find cleaning products that are mostly suited to it like the best wax for silver vehicle, best detergent and so forth.

Using the wrong washing processes

There are many things that you can get wrong during the actual cleaning process. One of them is cleaning your silver car in direct sunlight. The effect of this is that your car paint will wear off and more seriously, the soapy water will dry off so quickly such that you will not have time to rinse it properly.

Another mistake is using a single bucket full of water for washing/rinsing your silver car. The problem with this is that your car will not get a thorough rinse since the soap not be washed off. When cleaning your car, do not do it haphazardly but thoroughly from top to bottom not forgetting the tires.

Using the same cloth for everything

Many people make the mistake of using one cloth for different purposes. This problem even gets worse when the cloth that is being used is an old drying towel. Apart from creating scratches on your car, using a cloth repeatedly for different purposes even if it is the best car duster will transfer the residues from an earlier cleaning product.

Applying too many rounds of wax

Do you think that applying too many rounds of wax will make your silver car shiny more? Definitely NO.  Two rounds are enough to bring back the luster and shine without wasting your time, effort and money.

Claying and not polishing it afterward

Claying your silver car is good. You can use a clay bar, decontamination towel or any other surface scrubbing product. But doing so without any plans to polish it properly will not go down well. This is because however careful you might clay it, you will definitely inflict some marks that will need to be removed afterwards through enhanced paintwork.

Clean Your Silver Car the Right Way!

Your silver car may not produce the deep, glossy-mirror like the finish of the dark colored cars. But with proper cleaning, polishing and protection, you can achieve the satisfaction of having it shine on the road.

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Jim Thompson