How To Install A Remote Start?



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Mark the Appropriate Wires

This step will differ slightly from system to system as each remote start comes with its own set of features. To keep yourself organized, mark all the wires needed for the installation. Next, trim each wire, leaving approximately 4 inches of available wire so you can ultimately connect them. Once complete, you’ll want to use a pair of wire strippers to peel away the edges. It’s highly recommended that you solder the wires together. By doing so, you’ll establish a solid connection that will maintain its hold much better than using electrical tape. 

X Marks the Spot

To accommodate the operating module, otherwise known as the main unit of your remote start, you will need to find a secure spot where it can be stowed. A popular spot to consider is out of sight, beneath the steering wheel. However, depending on your personal preference, you can decide to place it in the glove department or mount it on your dashboard. 

Connect & Get Rolling

Take the time to test all of your vehicle’s electrical systems, like the lights, radio, horn, etc. - to ensure everything is functioning properly. If all is good to go, you can test out your remote starter.

You did it! It always feels good accomplishing a DIY project - especially when it enhances your vehicle. Make sure you exercise safety throughout the installation process and if you are unsure of something at any point, call a professional.

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