How to Stay Safe on the Roads

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Thousands of road traffic accidents occur every single day and most of these accidents are due to lack of concentration or human error.

Many of these accidents involve cars or motorcycles. If you find yourself in an accident whilst riding on a motorcycle, make sure to contact one of the Chicago Illinois motorcycle accident lawyers. They can help you make a claim and gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Here are some top tips on how to stay safe on the roads whilst you’re driving.

1. Wear Your Seat belt

Wear Your Seat belt


Seat belts are there for a reason. They can literally save your life if you are in a severe accident. Always be sure to take just a few seconds to buckle up before you set off. If you have children, make sure they are buckled up too.

2. Don’t Drive Whilst Tired

Being tired due to poor sleep or lack of rest is a huge cause of many road traffic accidents. When you are tired or fatigued, your reaction times are much slower and you are more likely to make mistakes. Lapses in concentration can be the difference between life and death if you are in an accident. Always be sure to get a good night’s sleep before a long drive and rest if you feel tired behind the wheel.

3. Use Your Indicators

Your indicators are there to be used. If you fail to indicate when you’re turning into a new road or pulling up on the side, you may cause an accident. Indicators inform those around you what you are about to do. With just a flick of the wrist, turning on your indicator can’t keep you safe whilst on the roads.

4. Don’t Use Your Phone Whilst Driving

If you’re texting whilst driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle, you are not giving the roads your full attention. You are also less likely to see upcoming hazards if you are too busy looking down at your phone. Although many vehicles now have Bluetooth speakers, even talking or texting on the phone hands-free whilst driving can lead to accidents. This is because you are not giving your full attention to what is going on around you.

5. Never Drink Drive

Alcohol consumption and driving should never go together. Drink-driving is a huge cause of many road traffic accidents and deaths. The answer to this problem is quite simple. Never drink and drive. If you know that you are going out to drink alcohol, either get somebody else to drive you or use public transport. It’s always easy to take the risk and assume you will be okay, but it’s not worth it in the end!

6. Plan Out Your Route Beforehand

If you’re driving or riding somewhere that you’ve never been before, always make sure to plan out your route ahead of time. This makes it easier for you to get to your destination and it also keeps you safer. If you’re too busy looking at your GPS or worrying about which lane to be in, this is a distraction and makes you more likely to have a road traffic accident.

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