How To Use Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller is extremely important to protect you and your truck or car. Over the last few decades, ​technology has improved and ​trailer brakes have become ​much simpler to use ​and handle.

Certainly, there are ​distinctions among some trailer producers, and various systems are set up on distinct trailers. So follow the steps on how to use trailer brake controller for your vehicles.


Utilize Trailer Brakes Slowly

Trailer Brake


Use trailer brakes slowly and wisely to ensure you’re optimizing pressure.​ Plenty of great drivers ​burn trailer brake systems because they put on much pressure.

Don’t Utilize Trailer Brakes Uphill

​It really ​depends on which region you live ​and work in, but using trailer brakes uphill makes no ​sense so ​just ​use truck braking. Driving uphill, and particularly if you ​tow a heavy trailer, ​just remove your feet from the gas pedal and the truck will begin to decelerate immediately.

Set Up Trailer Brake Controllers

Set up

A trailer brake controller works as a mediator with ​the trailer brake control in the truck and ​the trailer brake systems set up on the trailer.

It is an ideal tool to set up if ​you are a less experienced driver, or you just ​want to ​your ​braking experience and make it less dangerous when pulling a load.

Safeguarded Parked Vehicle With Trailer Brake

truck parking

When you want to stop your truck or car to park in a safe place, it will be smart to utilize the trailer brakes. Parking the vehicle and protecting it is a wise thing to ​do if you're facing ​wet or ​slippery surfaces because of ​winter ​​conditions. ​It is mandatory ​according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Never Apply Excessive Pressure

You should be sensible ​when working with trailer brakes ​beause you could ​burn them if you aren’t careful. When driving cars or trucks, ​you need ​to uise the trailer braking system. Make sure you understand when enough is enough, ​and avoid using trailer brakes too long and too hard.

Visually Check Trailer Brakes Regularly


Inspecting trailer brakes regularly will take only one minute, but it may save lots of money and time if you identify ​any complications beforehand. Every morning before starting your ​drive, ​check the trailer brakes. ​You need to do your DVIR check up each day, and this is just one ​extra task that won't ​take long​.

Use Some Pressure in ​Winter

Before ​stopping during winter, apply some pressure to the trailer brakes to dry ​them out. As you drive ​and approach ​the fuel stop ​or truck station, ​it is suggested you use ​the trailer brakes a couple of times. ​Don’t apply optimum pressure, ​do this a few times.

Remove Trailer Brake Freezing by Draining Air Tanks

Remove Trailer Brake Freezing


It is wise ​to pay attention to ​experienced truck drivers that explain this magic tip. ​Ensure each of the air channels is dried and that there’s absolutely no humidity or ​water that can result in the trailer brakes ​freezing.​

Use Brake Oil and Do An Inspection Every Time on Your Trailer Brake Controller 

Use brake oil ​and do an inspection of your trailer brakes. In the transportation industry, you are constantly in a rush, and there is ​a constant pressure placed on drivers. ​​So for safety reasons, you should use brake oil and do inspections regularly.

In the above article, we have shown how to use trailer brake controller. If you follow these tips, we think it will be very easy to use the trailer brakes of your car.

With these ​techniques you will dry the discs or ​drums in your trailer and force all of the humidity or ​water to evaporate, and at the same time you will dry out your brakes.

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