LED Headlight Conversion Kits Guide

When looking for an led headlight, you are probably thinking: I want to see better, and I want to be seen better. Led bulbs are a great option if you crave to change your standard bulb for something that works excellently, and draws less energy from your car. They are known for throwing extremely intense light while consuming less energy than your regular halogen headlight bulbs.

Also, they can be more fashionable and more comfortable for you and other people, since the traditional yellow light can be quite dazzling.

It is recommended to research whether your car is compatible with the model you want to buy, though.

Led VS Halogen

Led light bulbs are known for being immensely superior to halogen light bulbs. Not only they provide a higher quality of brightness, but they also last much longer and consume 85% less electricity. If you decide to invest in an led headlight conversion kit, you'll probably be saving up money from halogen bulbs replacements.

The installation of led headlight conversion kits tends to be pretty simple and straightforward, too. They usually come with a manual to teach you how to install them.

When it comes to brightness, led light bulbs can be as brighter as halogen light bulbs, most of the time surpassing them in both wideness and intensity. An important feature to take in mind is that they consume much less energy than halogen ones. You can replace a 50-watt halogen light bulb for a 7.5-watt led while enjoying the same benefits.

Thing is, they can be more expensive than your standard halogen headlights. You should see this as a long-term investment, considering the reduction of electricity consumption as well as how led light bulbs tend to last longer. Most halogen bulbs can be replaced with led light bulbs, but just in case, always considering doing a bit of research beforehand.

Most people change their standard headlights because they want something that looks better, and feels better. Since they are superior when it comes to wideness and light intensity, they'll definitely come in handy when you are driving. They'll surely catch the eye of other people, too.

LED Headlight Conversion

The Installation Process

There are lots of guides on how to properly install headlights, no matter the type. This is an essential process since a poor installation may lead to several problems like sudden malfunctions, or lights aiming towards the wrong direction, potentially blinding other drivers.

You can always check for Youtube videos on how to install them since they are a simple, graphic way to learn to do something. If you are experienced in changing headlights, a written guide book is probably enough for you. They usually come with one of those for you to understand how to change them correctly.

What You Should Look For

Try to look for a headlight that suits your tastes the most. Do you want a blue light, or a white one? How much intensity do you need? Are you looking for something that covers more area than your typical light? These are the things you should be considering before purchasing. Make sure to research for reviews online on different types of led headlights, to get more information about them, and decide for one.

Always consider the model of your car. As we recommended earlier, some headlight models are meant to be installed in specific car models. I genuinely mention this as much as I did because of bad experiences along the way. Better help you out as much as I can.

Personal Recommendations: XenonPro LED Headlight Bulbs

This conversion kit is one of the best picks since it offers excellent brightness and a sharp, focused light pattern with an extraordinary life duration. They come with a pair of fans to make sure that the light bulbs don't overheat to increase their lifespan, and they are sure to function for over 45,000 hours. If you have a standard halogen light bulb, it'll surely surpass their performance over 100%.

This specific model won't be blinding other drivers thanks to its anti-glaring system, making it a rather safe choice. They also were designed to be easily installed, taking 20 minutes at most for both sides. They were also designed to fit in most cars, so you won't have to worry about compatibility.

I can ensure that they do a great job, with their intensity of light, and how much they can cover as you drive under the night. They are also dust, shock, and waterproof to ensure a higher lifetime.

As a personal recommendation, this is the one to go. It can be rather expensive in comparison to other led headlights, but the investment will definitely be worth it.

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