What OBD Unit Is Compatible With Mercedes E500?

The Mercedes E500 is a vehicle that every mechanic is likely to come across in their repair shop at some time or another. This remarkable luxury sedan is a pretty popular variation of the E class range, so you'll want an OBD scanner that is compatible with it for the next time one rolls into the workshop. But what OBD Unit is compatible with a Mercedes E500?

First, you will need to know what an OBD unit is, and how it is used in the Mercedes E500 series. Next, you will need to understand that there are a variety of OBD scanners and diagnostic tools on the market. Finally, you will need to know how to use the OBD unit and how to check its compatibility with the Mercedes E500. 

Whether you want to run diagnostic scans on the classic pre-1995 model, or one of the more modern versions, we'll go through what you need to look out for when buying an OBD unit for the Mercedes E500!

Why Should You Buy an OBD Diagnostic Tool?

Mercedes Benz is an automobile manufacturer known for constructing high quality vehicles and offering buyers a luxurious driving experience. However, that doesn't mean that their cars don't break down. There are a few common issues with the Mercedes E500 that an OBD scanner can highlight. 

You can cut straight to the repairs without having to consult another expert if you have this tool. The classic features of an OBD unit include the following:

  • Being able to turn off the check engine light following a repair
  • Reading and clearing vehicle fault codes 
  • Running diagnostics on cars made in, or before 1995.

All of these things will also come in handy for your E500 repairs! So if you have the tool yourself, you can see what the issues are before you take the car in to the mechanic!

Which Type of Scanner, OBD1 or OBD2?

If your E500 was built before 1996, then this means that you'll need an OBD1 scanner, or an OBD unit that is compatible with OBD1 vehicles. This doesn't just apply to this Mercedes! All vehicles built in 1995 or earlier require an OBD1 scanner to run diagnostics. 

Vehicles made in or after 1996 are OBD2 compatible. All OBD2 scanners can run diagnostic tests on those vehicles. If you know that you're only going to be repairing newer models of the E500, then this isn't a problem. Simply pick up an OBD2 scanner and you're good to go! The same goes if you'll only be repairing older models and the original OBD unit. 

Can I Buy an OBD Unit that is Compatible with OBD1 and OBD2? 

Yes! If you don't know which models you'll be dealing with, there are scanners available that are compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. The downside to this is that these scanners are usually a little bit more expensive than an individual OBD1 or OBD2 unit.

However it's definitely cheaper than buying both scanners. It is absolutely the way to go if you'll be working with pre-1996 vehicles and post-1996 ones in the repair shop.

It's also worth mentioning that OBD1 specific diagnostic tools are usually brand specific. That's fine if you're only going to be repairing Mercedes vehicles, but this is pretty unlikely if you're a general mechanic. We recommend going for a diagnostic tool that covers both OBD1 and OBD2 Mercedes vehicles.

What OBD Unit Compatible With Mercedes E500

Check that the Scanner is Mercedes Benz Compatible

Another thing to check is whether or not the OBD scanner that you're considering is compatible with Mercedes vehicles at all. Every OBD unit isn't compatible will every vehicle manufacturer. Therefore, it's definitely worth checking which manufacturers the OBD unit supports before buying. 

Mercedes is one of the most popular brands on the planet though, so it's quite unlikely that you'll find an OBD scanner that isn't compatible. Go to the scanner manufacturer's website to see a list of compatible car makes, and contact their customer service desk if you want to be sure.

Which OBD Tool Should You Buy?

If you want an OBD diagnostic scanner that is compatible with Mercedes then there are many options available online. Just make sure to remember to consider whether you are after an OBD1 or OBD2 scanner!

How to Connect Your OBD Unit to the Mercedes E500

So , you've managed to acquire the perfect OBD scan tool for your needs. Now you want to get it linked up to your E500 and start running some diagnostics? Well, here is a helpful Mercedes Benz diagnostic Youtube video to get your started

If the E500 is from after 1995, then you're going to be looking for the OBD2 port. This port is usually located on the driver's side of the car, under the dashboard, next to the bonnet release lever. It has a plastic cover that pulls back and reveals the OBD2 connection.

You'll need the OBD2 cable that was included with the scanner in order to link it up. In some cases the port is located on the passenger side of the car, but in a similar location. If you're struggling to find it, there's a few videos on YouTube that will make it a lot clearer.

The OBD1 port, which you'll be looking for in pre-1995 E500s, is usually located in the same place as the OBD2 port, so under the steering wheel next to the hood release switch.

The Perfect OBD Unit for Your Car!

Now that you know what to look for, OBD unit or OBD2 scanner, it's time to get to diagnosing a problem! This helpful article has help you find the right unit for your car, explained why you need it, as well as everything you need to know on how to hook it up. It's time to get your OBD unit for your car, and start fixing those pesky issues today! 

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