Why Should You Invest In Personalised Number Plates?

Most people love their cars but do not put much thought into the number plates. But, number plates are of sheer importance when it comes to giving your car your personality. Why do we need a personalized number plate? There are plenty of good reasons to have personalized number plates. Let's find out more about it.

DVLA Number Plates

This is the vehicle identification plate issued by the Government to identify your personal vehicle. These plates are 520 X 111mm in size. They follow a format of number-letter combination to make a unique identification for your vehicle.

A DVLA number plate contains-

1. Two letters of your country or region of registration.

2. Two numbers denoting the date of its issue.

3. Three letters of your choice.

Other than that, these plates must be constructed with reflective materials. Also, it must not have any background pattern. There are two display colors for personalized number plates. The front plate must be white, while the background of the rear plate mst be yellow. In both the plates, the characters must be black.

Make your Plate More Exclusive

You can customize your number plates and make them more unique and exclusive to you. This is the beauty of having a personalized number plate. Here are some ideas of making it unique-

1. Take your first name- Fabin (4BIN).

2. Use of surname- jones (jo NES).

3. Put number 1 to make your plate more exclusive ( F1).

4. Popular word number plates (MAG1C).

5. Dateless number plates (3 EE).

Reasons to Invest in Number Plates

If you have no plates in your car, then police in the UK can fine you up to 1000 pounds. So, it is mandatory to have number plates. Having a personalized number plate has its own benefits:

1. It's Unique

Someone can purchase the exact same model, make, and colour of your car. But, the number plate is always unique. No two number plates are similar, so a personalized plate can be uniquely yours and only yours.

2. Good Investment

Personalized number plates are a good investment too. Once the plate is yours, you can use it as long as you want. Also, you can sell it at a high price for a good deal. In November 2008, a businessman from Surrey named Robert Haverson paid 2,50,000 pounds for one number plate. So, if you have a good plate, then you can make money with this in the future.

3. Grabs Attention

A cool new car can make heads turn - but there will always be newer shinier cars out there to steal the attention.A unique name plate can make heads turn for years to come and will grab people’s attention for as long as you have the plate.

You can choose any funny plates while you register, but DVLA is highly restrictive to offensive plates. Plates like "BU14SHT" are banned, and cops have all the authority to fine you for this. So, no rude plates on the street. Keep it simple and light.

4. Hiding Car Age

In ordinary number plates, there is a prefix showing the date of your car registration. So, anyone can guess your car's age by looking at those numbers. This is where customized plates can make a difference. . Personalized plates do not have such numbers to determine your car's age. So, you can give your car a new appearance with a custom number plate.

5. Easy to Remember the Plate

Remembering your number plate can be easy if it is personalized for you. Your plate number is often important in case you are filing an insurance form or paying the fees in a parking lot. Custom numbers are cool and short. So, you don't really have to check your number plate when you fill out a form. Other than that, you can pick out your car at a quick glance while there are multiple cars with the same color and model in a parking lot. You can also monitor it from a long distance.

6. It is Affordable

Personalized number plates are not only easy to register but also are affordable. Yes, some plates are expensive because of their uniqueness, but you don't have to break your bank to get a personal number plate. You can get a good one for under 200 pounds as well. And, there is no barrier to the top limit.

7. Excellent Gift

Custom number plates can be a great gift for motor enthusiasts. Surely, they last longer than flowers. Also, it is easy to get. There are a good number of agencies that work for you for a hassle-free customized number plate.

License Plate 2

Tips For Personalised Number Plates

1. Do Some Research

Choosing the best combination can be difficult. So, do a bit of research for the best possible option for you. You can pick any popular words or funny names for your plate. Good research can earn you a good custom number plate.

2. Compare Prices

DVLA number plate dealers offer different ranges of prices for custom plates. So, compare their prices and pick the best possible option.

3. Buy Directly

There are third parties who are always trying to skim more out of you. So, try to find reliable agencies to buy your plate directly from. Yes, an agency like swiftreg can help you with that. Also, it gives you a chance to negotiate for the best possible price. So, it is a cost-saving anyway.

4. Go for long 

Personal Number plates are luxury items. So, buying and selling it frequently does not serve its purpose. Even if you invest on a number plate, you cannot turn profits in less than a year. There are some terms and conditions to transfer it. So you need a number plate you can enjoy for a while. So, think for long term uses.

Some people would say that personalized number plates are fancy. However, when you think about it, customized number plates  serves a unique purpose to personalize your plate to your style and needs.. So they are definitely worth the effort and investment.

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