Prepping Your Teen To Get Behind The Wheel

The years seem to fly by so quickly, especially if you are a parent. One day your child is joyfully running around in a diaper and the next day they are asking to borrow the car. Your child getting a driver’s license can be an exciting and stressful time for moms and dads.

Not only do you want your child to be able to safely get behind the wheel, but you want them to be responsible enough to drive in different conditions and be confident in any situation. Teaching your child about more than just how to pilot a vehicle is essential in getting them ready for the road.

You may not be the only one that is nervous about your child driving. Getting out on the road can be scary for young people. Give them the confidence that they need through practice and knowledge. Talk to your Allstate agent about adding your child onto your policy, set a practice schedule for lessons and follow some of these tips to get your teen prepared for driving independently with skill.

Should I Find A Certified Training?

As a parent, you might want to be the one to teach your child how to drive but, this can be stressful for everyone involved. Parents tend to be too reactive, leaving the student feeling frustrated. Find a certified training program that can help teach your child the essentials of driving. These comprehensive training sessions will give you the assurance that you need that your teen is ready to hit the road. 

Where Can My Child Get Driving Practice?

Driving is just like many other things, it gets better with practice. Set up a driving practice schedule and give your teen lots of opportunities to drive. Even if you are just heading out to pick up a pizza around the corner, every bit of practice can help to build up the comfort level and confidence of your teen.

It’s important to let your teen drive in many different conditions. Don’t shy away from letting them drive in dangerous weather conditions out of fear. Let your teen drive when it’s snowing, at night, and in the rain to give them more experience.

How to teach teens the responsibility to drive

Learning the Responsibility To Drive

Driving is a great responsibility and should be treated as one. A great way to teach your kids that driving is a privilege is to include them in some of the financial responsibility of using a car. Have them pay for their own gas usage, share the added expense of having them on your insurance and pay for any damages or regular maintenance like oil changes.

You will need to set strict rules about distracted driving. Using a cell phone is illegal in many states already, but should be discussed between parents and teens. Set a rule that there will be absolutely no tolerance for distracted driving. Setting good habits from the start can help them to stay safe down the road.

Car Knowledge for Beginner Drivers

There is more to know about driving than just how to steer down the highway. Teach your teen about general car maintenance, where to add fluids when needed and how to fix small issues. Invite them to go through the owner’s manual so that they can have a better understanding of the features and details of the vehicle.

What Is 'Emergency Prep' for Fresh Drivers?

Anything can happen when you are driving. It’s a good idea to talk to your teen about what to do if they are ever in an accident or end up stranded. Make sure that you include your kids on any roadside assistance coverage that you have and instruct them on how to reach them if needed. Go through your emergency supplies with your teen and make sure that they know how to use everything in the kit.

Are You Preparing Your Child To Drive Soon?

Preparing your child to drive is an important task and the knowledge that you give them can help keep them safe. Make sure that they get the professional training they need and that they are responsible and confident when they are ready to get out and drive.

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