How To Reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial

Do you have JVC car stereo in your vehicle? Then, you must know how to reset JVC car stereo properly. This is important to know because you may need to reset it any time.

There are many people who do not know how to reset the JVC car stereo. So, we will show you step by step process to reset the car stereo so that you can avoid the problems. Moreover, it will help you to customize the options very easily.


Why Do You Need Reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial

Reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial


There are certain reasons to reset the car stereo. You may choose the wrong settings and forget how to change it. Also, the wrong language selection will give you more trouble than anything else. So, this is important to update yourself with the tutorial.

Of course, you can also know the process by reading the JVC car stereo manual instruction book. How many of you read the manual instruction? Only few do because this is quite boring and hard to understand. Today we will show you and make the task very simple and easy. The entire process will take not more than 5 minutes.

There are two methods to complete the reset task. We will show you both of the ways so that you can follow one of the methods to do it.

How to reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial


You need to press the button ‘On’ and ‘Select’ together. Don’t leave the button for 6 seconds.

When you are holding the buttons, the internal chip will be erasing the settings. As a result, you will get a reset car stereo within a short time.

Note: You should not hold the buttons so hard to damage the internal mechanism. You should hold it softly so that it can work. Otherwise, the buttons will not perform duty after you leave them. So, don’t be so hard with the buttons.


If you like to do it in a bit hard way, method two is for you. In fact, this is a safe way to reset JVC car stereo. Yes, we are saying it safe because you might damage the buttons by holding them very badly.

To reset the car stereo settings, you will need to follow the bellowed steps:



You need to remove the front control panel of the car stereo. Of course, you will need necessary tools to remove the panel. You need to be careful when removing the panel. Moreover, don’t forget how you are removing the panel.


After removing the panel, you need to notice near the CD slot. You will find a button on the side of the slot. This is a reset button of most of the JVC car stereo models.


Now turn-on the JVC car stereo and take a small object. You can use a pencil, pen or a pin to push the reset button.

Again, the button is very soft and sensitive. So, you should not push the button hard. You can simply touch it with little effort. It will reset the entire settings.

Make sure that you push the button when the JVC car stereo is on. Otherwise, the reset will not work. At all.

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Alternative Way

This is a common way for everyone. Every JVC car stereo has an individual model number. You can go to the official website of the manufacturer.

Then, you can search by the model number of your JVC car stereo. You will find a manual guideline and how to contents. You can search for the process and learn from the book too.

This is old edition and needs time. You will need to search and get the result. Moreover, this is a complex process too. If you want, you can also go with the process.

However, we do not recommend the method.

Important Things That You Need To Know

Reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial


There are something that you need to know before reset the JVC car stereo.

  • Firstly, every setting will become default once you reset the car stereo. So, you need to change the settings if you want to customize it. 
  • Secondly, you may need to set the time of your region once you reset the car stereo. So, you should know how to change the time of the car stereo too!

You need to reset the JVC stereo if you know the things. Otherwise, you may find it difficult after the reset.


These are the simple two way to reset JVC car stereo. So, you do not need to look for the tutorial on how to reset JVC car stereo. Our tutorial is enough to solve your problem.

Just follow our simple process and finish your work. Remember that you need to be gentle with the buttons. Reset the settings and have a good time in the car!


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