How To Reset JVC Car Stereo – Easy Step By Step Guide

Do you have a JVC car stereo in your vehicle? If so, you need to know how to reset it properly. This is important to know because you may need to reset it one day. So, we will show you the step by step process to reset the car stereo so that you can avoid problems.


Why Do You Need to Reset Your JVC Car Stereo?

Reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial


There are certain reasons to reset the car stereo. You may choose the wrong settings and forget how to change it, or you may set the wrong language. Of course, you could also check the JVC car stereo manual instruction book. But few people read the manual because it is boring and hard to understand. Today, we will show you to to reset your stereo - the entire process will take no more than 5 minutes.

There are two methods to complete the reset task. We will show you both of the ways.

When You Should Reset Your JVC Radio

Resetting your JVC radio doesn’t have to be done periodically like an oil change or cleaning seat covers. Because there are times when your stereo just won’t cooperate, it’s best to save this task for when you just can’t get it working right.

You should also reset your stereo if there is a specific function that is not working properly. If it isn’t playing CD’s, or it’s not picking radio as well as Bluetooth signals, or perhaps it isn’t tuning properly, it needs to be reset!

How to reset Your JVC Car Stereo - Tutorial

First Check The JVC Car Stereo Manual

One of the most important factors when it comes to resetting your JVC radio is following your stereo manual. It is imperative that you understand the in’s and out’s of your specific model, as well as read through possible unique problems or solutions. Here are a few models that could be found in YOUR vehicle:

  • JVC kd-sr72
  • JVC kw-r930bts
  • JVC kw-r920bts
  • JVC kd sr82bt
  • JVC kd sr61
  • JVC kd s79bt
  • JVC kd-sr41
  • JVC kd s29
  • JVC kd-r880bt
  • JVC kd-x340bts
  • JVC kd-x240bt
  • JVC kd-r780bt
  • JVC kd-r980bts
  • JVC kd r870bt
  • JVC kw-r925bts
  • JVC kw xr 610
  • JVC kw-r910bt

Keep in mind that these specific models are each unique. All in all, there may be a few steps that are similar between these models. However, you should be aware of what your manual instructs per your specific model.

Method 1

You need to press the button ‘On’ and ‘Select’ together. Keep them pressed for 6 seconds.

When you are holding the buttons, the internal chip will be erasing the settings.

Note: You should not hold the buttons hard enough to damage the internal mechanism. You should hold them softly, otherwise the buttons may not work afterwards.

Method 2

To reset the car stereo settings without using the buttons, you will need to follow the below steps:

JVC Car Stereo tuning

Step 1

You need to remove the front control panel of the car stereo. You will need the necessary tools for this, and be careful when doing it.

Step 2

After removing the panel, look near the CD slot. You will find a button on the side of the slot. This is a reset button of most JVC car stereo models.

Step 3

Now turn-on the JVC car stereo and use a pencil, pen or a pin to push the reset button.

Again, the button is very soft and sensitive. So, you should not push the button hard. You can simply touch it with little effort. It will reset all the settings.

Make sure that you push the button when the JVC car stereo is on. Otherwise, the reset will not work.

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Alternative Way To reset Your JVC Car Stereo

This is a common way for everyone. Every JVC car stereo has an individual model number. You can go to the official website of the manufacturer and search by the model number of your JVC car stereo to find the service manual. This is an old method and takes time. You will need to search. Moreover, this is a complex process too. We do not recommend this method.

How To Reset a JVC Bluetooth Car Stereo

There are a few basic steps for resetting your JVC Bluetooth car stereo. They are simple to understand, as well as easy to do! Firstly, follow the steps above for resetting the entire system.

Then follow these instructions for resetting the Bluetooth:

  • Press power button, source button to turn on the unit
  • Search and select JVC Unit on your Bluetooth device
  • Pair the two devices (May require a PIN, or other confirmation)
  •  Add Device name to your JVC
  • When it says “pairing completed”, or something similar, it’s time to start using your Bluetooth device!

This can work with phones, tablets, as well as other Bluetooth devices! Overall, it’s a simple step, but be certain to check your device’s manual to double check the proper steps.

How Do You Program A JVC Radio?

Programming your radio is simple as well! This allows you to customize, as well as set your favorite stations and devices on your system. Follow these steps to see what you can program for your personal radio:

  • Press power button or source button to turn on unit
  • To change the color, press the color button
  • Press “Menu” to select tuner options
  • Press “EQ” to select a sound mode
  • Some allow you to have selected “Users” so the sound settings change per who is driving/in the car

Your programming of your radio is unique to you as a person. Choose your preferred options, as well as look up any questions you may have in your user manual.

How Do You Set The Clock On a JVC Car Radio

In order to change the clock settings on your radio, you must first go to the “Menu” button. Once that is selected, you’ll want to change the hour, the minute, as well as set the date correctly on your radio. This can be don via buttons, knobs, or specific screen selections, depending upon your model.

Important Things That You Need to Know For Your JVC Car Stereo

Reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial


There are something that you need to know before you reset the JVC car stereo.

  • First, every setting will return to default once you reset the car stereo. So, you need to change the settings if you want to customize it again.
  • Second, you may need to set the time once you reset the car stereo. So, you should know how to change the time of the car stereo too!

Follow The Simple Process To Reset Your JVC Car Stereo System

These are two simple ways to reset a JVC car stereo. Our tutorial is enough to solve your problem: just follow our simple process. Remember that you need to be gentle with the buttons!

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