Essential Safety Features To Look For When Purchasing Your First Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are a great choice of vehicle for various reasons, from rewarding road trip experiences to beating rush hour traffic. However, motorcycles can also be exceptionally dangerous, as they don’t provide the same level of protection that a car does, as riders are entirely exposed when in an accident. In most cases, even minor motorcycle accidents can have severe consequences for the rider.

Even though you can search for Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers and find an expert legal practitioner to ensure you are fairly compensated in the event of an accident, prevention is always best when your safety is in question. So if you are shopping for a motorcycle, be sure to look for these essential safety features.

Anti-Lock Brake System

An anti-lock brake system can save your life if you need to brake abruptly when riding. This innovative braking system will prevent the wheels of the motorcycle from locking up, which can cause the motorcycle to slide out of control quite quickly. With that said, ABS braking systems are standard in most cars, although the system is not a common motorcycle feature.

Traction Control

Traction control is a modern safety feature, and it can save your life as a rider, especially when riding in terrible weather conditions. The system can determine a loss of traction on the road and works by sending more power to the rear wheel to keep the motorcycle stable. Even though this feature is more common in high-end motorcycles, it is a significant investment even for first-time riders.

Stability Control

Stability control is a safety feature that works with traction control. It works by monitoring the traction and analyzing the amount of lean and acceleration or braking when turning the motorcycle. As a result, stability control ensures that the right amount of power is or braking is utilized by the bike.

This feature can essentially help you avoid losing control on the roads. Additionally, this safety feature can also be found in the all-new Sportster S motorcycle.

Safety Gear

When purchasing your first bike, you should also prioritize quality safety gear that will protect you in the event of an accident. A motorcycle jacket is essential, and you have the fabric options of durable kevlar or genuine leather. The same fabric options are suitable for biker gloves. You should also invest in well-fitting motorcycle boots and a helmet that is fitted with a camera and tracker.

Even though motorcycles can be dangerous, you can reduce your risk on the roads with the right safety gear and safety features. Just as it can be daunting to claim compensation for a car accident, claiming for severe physical injuries after a motorcycle accident can be a devastating process.

The more you invest in safety, the safer you will be as a general standard. With that said, it is also wise to consider advanced motorcycle riding courses that will teach you how to best handle a motorcycle in various situations on the road. Advanced riding courses might not be mandatory, although developing your riding skills will significantly reduce your risk as a motorcycle rider.

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