5 Basic Tips for Looking After a Classic Car

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If you have a classic car, you probably don’t treat it in quite the same way as you would a conventional motor. You might reserve it for occasionally showing off, whether at classic car shows or simply to friends and family; you probably don’t take it on the school run often, if at all.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that classic cars are always easier to maintain than “normal” cars; they can simply be subject to different risks. Here are some ways you can counter them.

Keep Batteries Going with a Trickle Charger

You might often leave your classic car in storage over the winter, but doing so can risk the battery running flat and, subsequently, adversely affecting the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU).

The good news is that a battery trickle charger can come to the rescue, whether you want to replenish half-drained batteries or “revive batteries that you thought were dead”, as Saga explains. That charger  can then keep the battery juice topped up long into the future. You can also check out our article about maintaining car battery for more information.

Drape the Vehicle in a Car Cover

You might assume that you don’t really need a car cover if your vehicle is often left for long periods in a garage. However, unfortunately, other members of your household might not realize howcareful they really need to be around your car when making visits to that garage.

5 Basic Tips for Looking After a Classic Carhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/lights-vintage-luxury-tires-103290/

Rest assured that, with a good car cover that is lightweight, breathable and, ideally, tailored to your specific car, you can shield that automotive beauty from knocks, scrapes, sleeping cats and more.

However, clear any dust or dirt from the bodywork before the cover goes on, as advised in an article by The Telegraph. Otherwise, that debris will have an abrasive effect on the paint and glass.

Having a cover on your car help you to protect it from rain, wind or even sunlight. Exposure to a water encourage clogging of dust and it will lead to corrosion. But keeping your car covered help you to protect it from environmental changes at some extent.

Change the Oil Twice a Year

You might have been advised to have the oil in your standard car changed for every 12,000 miles it is driven. However, a classic car’s oil needs to be replaced more frequently, even if that vehicleannually journeys just two thousand miles – time, not just mileage, affects the degradation of engine oil.

To help prevent yourself struggling to decide when to change the oil, you could do so in spring, when your classic car is first brought out for the year, and in autumn, when returning the car tostorage.

Check with your car mechanic that, which company gives the best car oil, even if it cost you little more, it worth spending on. Your car engine depends on the oil and having a low quality oil will increase the chances of engine failure too.

Drive the Car Regularly

If you love showing off your classic vehicle in public, you could do so by taking it to the road! Indeed, driving a classic car regularly is actually the best way to maintain it in top condition. Even just short journeys of two miles at a time are sufficient for warming up that car’s fluids.

Driving your car on regular basis help you to maintain it properly & you will know if something is out of order. Driving car after a long duration will increase your cost of maintaining yourcar.

Choose the Right Insurance for that Car

Given how sporadically your classic car might actually be driven, you could save money by forgoing a standard car insurance policy in favor of, say, temporary insurance lasting just a few weeks or months. Fetching classic car insurance from a broker like Call Wiser could also help you to save money.

Car insurance will help you to be on a safer side at the time of road accident. There are so many road accidents happens each day but having insurance for your car will help you financially as well as legally too.


Always park in a damp-free garage so that you can protect it from corrosion. Moisture and humidity at your garage or storage area can lead to corrosion, so it is recommended to park your car at a dry place.

Your 5 Basic Tips to Looking After aClassic Car for Years!

The car of your dreams isn’t always a brand new, straight off of the line vehicle. If you dream of the wind in your hair, the road stretched out in front of you, and your hands on the steering wheel of a classic car, then you’re going to need these tips to make that classic car last a lifetime!

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