Tips to Choose a Suitable Used Car for Your Teen

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If your teen has just obtained their drivers’ license and it’s finally that time to gift them with a car, there’s no doubt you’re probably considering a used car. 

Unfortunately, your teen will likely still make a few minor mistakes, even if they are exceptionally responsible and careful on the roads. Even parking can be a challenge for a new driver, and a few scratches or minor bumps should be expected. 

So, while you should be sure to invest in auto insurance for your teen, you should also choose their used car wisely. And to help you settle on the most suitable used car, we’ve listed a few straightforward tips.

Opt For a Reliable Vehicle Dealer

It’s not the best idea to go shopping for a used vehicle just anywhere. Buying a used car privately is often deceiving, and if you don’t know much about auto mechanics, you might end up spending a small fortune to get the car roadworthy and running. At the same time, some dealerships can be just as deceiving, so where you shop is essential. 

Opt for reliable and trusted dealerships such as Carzaty UAE and other similar used car dealers is a wise decision. 

Stick To Your Budget

When determining your budget for a used car, you will need to budget for the cost of the vehicle and all the extras. 

You will need to work on the cost of auto insurance for the specific vehicle model, car essentials such as seat covers and other accessories, ongoing service and maintenance costs, and general repair costs. Therefore, the cost of the vehicle is only one of many costs that you must budget for before you start shopping around. 

Check Vehicle History

Unfortunately, if a used vehicle has been in a severe accident and then repaired, it remains unreliable. And there’s no doubt that you want your teen to be driving around in a safe car. 

You must do a thorough history check on the vehicle by running the VIN numbers and the license plate to backtrack the car’s history and establish prior accidents. 

Go for Reliable Used Brands


Not all vehicle brands are known for creating reliable used vehicles. Unfortunately, brands such as KIA, Tata, and other pocket-friendly brands are not generally good second-hand buys. On the other hand, Ford, Hyundai, and even VW are known for overall reliability and are great brand choices for pre-loved vehicles. 

Shopping around for specific brands is a great choice, and you can even further your research by determining the most reliable models from certified reliable brands. 

Choosing a suitable and reliable used vehicle for your teen can be a bit of a challenge. However, you must also consider your teens’ opinion, ask them which vehicles they feel most comfortable driving, as comfortability is an essential factor, and bring them along when shopping for the car. 

Your teen should also do test drives of different vehicles when making the decision. Once you have chosen the right car, be sure to let your teen get a good feel of the vehicle before they start regularly driving on their own.

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