Used Car Pricing: How Do You Know if the Price is Fair?

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Checking out used cars is a fun task that can be filled with unnecessary stress. Getting a fair price, at the current market rates, may not be as easy as it once was, but it is possible. There are numerous websites that can help you find the actual value of the vehicle you are looking at for your used car pricing.

Not to mention they can also tell you how much vehicles in your specific area are selling for. If the average is well below the asking price, you have information to help you haggle. Otherwise, move on to the next option and do the research for it as well.


This is a good site to use when you want to know what the average value of similar cars would be. With the report that you can get from them you will also get a few other pieces of information. The number of previous owners will be listed. If the vehicle has been in any type of accident, it will be detailed for you. Some mechanic shops around the nation also add information to CarFax reports, so you can see if the vehicle was well maintained and safe

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Kelley Blue Book

This is probably the most used car pricing comparison site that is used around the country. This site will give you details of your car based on the condition of it. They will also break down the value of the car if it is traded in, sold at a lot, or if a private party is selling. If you are looking at a newer model used cars nearby, you should include this site as a tool for you to research and discover what the actual value is, compared to what the asking price is.


For older vehicles this is the site to use. You can also look up newer cars with this site. They will give you a breakdown that includes the cost when bought brand new, and the resale values. The site will list the value of the vehicle in three ways. High, low, and average. A high value vehicle will be in immaculate shape with extras added. The low will be ones that need a little help. The average value will be the one that you consider most of the time because it is an average vehicle at the average price that it is sold for in your area.


This is another great site to research the vehicle that you are looking at. They have a great car value guide based upon the specific car that you are looking at. You will simply need to punch in the Vin number to get an accurate value. You can use this tool for any type of vehicle that was made in 1990 or newer.

Used Car Pricing for Your Next Sale!

There are numerous other websites and publications that you can use to compare prices in your area to find quality German or Japanese used cars. The four listed above are a great reference point to make sure that the price tag is not substantially higher than others of the same type in the same general location as you.

The average price may fluctuate due to several reasons, such as special options or racing parts. Body styles and paint jobs can also cause an increase in value. You need to keep these things in mind when you are searching through the values for you or your teen.

If the vehicle has something on it that was not basic stock at the time of manufacture, then the value of the car or truck will go up. The opposite is true as well. If the car is in rough shape and needs some work the value will go down. If you are looking at a car that is missing a bumper, the cost will be less.

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