Tutorial on How to Carpet a Sub Box

Do you want to add a sub box for extra music pleasure? When selecting a sub box, you can choose between a normal sub box or a carpeted sub box. A carpeted sub box is easy to find in the market, but you can also carpet a sub box yourself very easily. Today, we will give you an easy to follow tutorial on how to carpet a sub box.


Things you need to carpet a sub box

There are many things that you will need to carpet a sub box:

  • Suitable carpet
  • A sharp blade to cut the carpet
  • Good quality adhesive
  • A ruler and pencil to mark

How to Carpet a Sub Box?

We will give you complete instructions to carpeting your sub box. They are simple, precise and easy to follow for any person.

Step 1: Select the Carpet

First of all, you need to select the carpet. There are many colors available for sub box carpet.


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Also, it is important to find quality carpet. Otherwise, the carpet will not last long. In addition, you should not choose a fabric that attracts dust or you will need time to clean the carpet. 

Step 2: Measure the Box & Carpet

After you have selected your carpet, you need to measure the sub box.

You should buy enough carpet - in fact, get extra carpet to be safe. Take a ruler so that you can measure the size of the sub box.

Then, you need to calculate the total size of the carpet. It is a good idea to buy 12-inch extra so that if you cut the carpet in the wrong place, extra carpet length can cover it.

Step 3: Mark the Carpet

Take the marker or pencil to mark the carpet. You need to keep the sub box on the carpet. Then, rotate the sub box to ensure the carpet size is enough.

Mark the area of carpet needed. You should also place the sub box in the middle of the carpet. This will mark your carpeting more attractive.

Step 4: Take a good spray adhesive

You need a good adhesive spray suitable for carpet. An accessories store will give you the right adhesive that will work on a carpet.

You need to spray adhesive on the sub box and carpet. Make sure you use enough adhesive to cover the area. Then, put the sub box over the sprayed carpet.

Spray adhesive

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  • You need to hold the carpet when applying the adhesive and place the sub box over the carpet. You can get a friend to hold the carpet tight.
  • You should not spray adhesive on the entire carpet.

Step 5: Rotate the Carpet over the Sub Box

You need to follow the step 4 to cover the 4 sides of the sub box. You should let the adhesive dry, otherwise the carpet will remain wet and the adhesive will not become tight.

You can also use a fan for a quick dry. However, read the instructions of the adhesive spray to make sure this is okay.

Step 6: Cut off the Extra Carpet

You need to use a sharp blade to cut off the extra carpet. Don’t wrap the extra carpet over the sub box once it is completed, it will look unprofessional.

Cut the extra carpet

Via carpet.vidalondon.net

Step 7: Final Touch

You can also add extra design once your carpeting is completed. Basically, this is helpful for the people who want to make it stylish. You can use color and brush to create something.

Moreover, there are also some carpets with lovely patterns. So, you can use the carpet for good outlook too!

Easy Steps for Carpeting a Sub Box

Carpeting a sub box is an amazing task. Of course, you can buy a ready-made carpeted sub box for your car, but this will not allow you to show off your creativity!

With our step by step guide to carpeting a sub box, you can select the carpet, buy some accessories and do the job on your own. Did you have any problems following our instructions? Just comment through the box and we will assist you!

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