Volvo Plans To Curb Drink-Driving With New On-Call Technology

Drink driving is responsible for 29 deaths on America’s roads every day But this figure could significantly drop over the coming years thanks to Volvo’s new On-Call technology that is designed to stop drunk drivers from operating their vehicles. innovative technology stop dangerous motorists

Volvo’s vision

Volvo previously announced that it aimed to cut the number of road deaths in its vehicles to zero. limiting the speed The On-Call technology Volvo will install in their vehicles will involve multiple in-car cameras and sensors being strategically placed in the interior of the car so that the driver’s behavior and reactions can be monitored at all times. It will also be programmed to identify indicators that action needs to be taken, including erratic driving behavior, weaving, slow reaction times, and closed eyes.

Safer driving

When the in-car technology identifies any of these issues, the vehicle will autonomously take one of several different actions. Volvo’s On-Call technology will also allow Volvo advisors to make direct verbal contact with the driver. If these warnings fail to correct the driver’s behavior behind the wheel, then the car will automatically slow down or pull over in a safe spot, in a bid to prevent a serious incident from occurring.

Keeping the Nation Safe

Drink and drive

It’s important to note that when drunk drivers get behind the wheel, they’re not just putting their lives at risk, but also other drivers and innocent pedestrians. When a pedestrian has been injured as a result of a drunk driver, a pedestrian accident lawyer While this is reassuring for injured pedestrians, Volvo hopes that, in time, no one will be hurt due to individuals drinking and driving. “ the brand’s On-Call technology

The Future of Drink-Driving Technology

Volvo plans to unveil its On-Call drink driving technology later in 2020, but they’re not the only ones hoping to clamp down on the nation’s drunk drivers. they planned to introduce legislation Meanwhile, Reuters reports that gadgets

Will this Technology Work?

Although Volvo hasn’t yet offered up any evidence to confirm that their On-Call drink driving technology will cut road accidents and stop motorists from driving while drunk Statistics from The Zebra reveal that 22.4% say they would still drive after consuming between 5 and 6 alcoholic drinks. Volvo’s technology and similar tech to it could, therefore, make motorists more aware of their actions, and either persuade them to drink less in the future when they plan to drive or to arrange alternative transport home after a night out.

Drink driving is a big problem in America. Not only that, but this innovative technology

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