7 Ways to Fix a Car in Case of an Emergency

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There are lots of ways to fix a car, but when it’s an emergency, you need to be able to act fast. You might have faced such awkward situations where you are low on cash or heading for a road trip and your car starts experiencing problems. Roadside car emergencies are embarrassing and the worst things that can happen to anybody. 

Cars are such complex machinery and like any other machine, there are so many things that can go wrong with them. 

Ways to Fix a Car Yourself

Frankly speaking, getting or owning a car is not that much of a problem, the difficult part comes after the purchase.  This is because it’s necessary to maintain the car properly and that’s why there are so many things that you have to keep in your mind.

Drivers can not predict when an emergency can strike their car; that’s why they are not always prepared. For the same reason, people get confused and worried as they think they cannot fix their cars. 

Some people carry a toolbox, or emergency kit, with them for such urgent situations but not everyone does the same. Most importantly, everyone doesn’t know how to use the tools and fix the problems. 

Sometimes, even if you do not want to call a tow truck for your car, you may need to call one in order to get home safely.

In this section, we will explore some ways you can fix your car in case of an emergency and what you should do if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle.

Out Of Gas 

It is not possible to be prepared for situations where a person runs out of gas. Not much of a thing can be done in these cases except if the person is ready to carry a tank with them. It is recommended by many that in such a situation, the driver must pull to a safe place and turn the hazard signal ON.

In case the driver is on the way to camping, they might try to use the camp stoves fuel if available, this may help in covering a little distance at least, though not suitable for the car.

If no other option is available, the driver must try to look for the nearest gas station or call for help. 

flat tire

Flat Tire

One of the most common problems with cars is getting a flat tire mid-trip. However, the solution is as easy as buying new tires online. The only thing that you have to follow is the instruction manual and then you can fix the tire accordingly. A jack is usually provided along with the car and an extra tire should always be kept handy in case of long trips. 

The driver must put on the hazard light first and then move along the process by taking off the hubcap, loosening the lug nuts, raising the car with the aid of a jack and then replacing the tire. If the driver is unable to do it on his own, he must call for help at once.

Cracked Lights

The lights on the car often get covered with dust or even dirt which dims out the lights as well and even causes them to crack over time. Going around with cracked lights is not a fashionable thing to do and is neither safe. In such cases, you can use scotch tape to cover up the cracks and prevent the light from getting further damage.

It is always advisable to get a regular car wash and wipe the car off dust often so as to avoid dimming or to damage the lights. It is advisable to get the cracked lights fixed as soon as possible as it may also prove to become hazardous during night trips.

To clear off the dust and dirt from the lights, you can get hold of some toothpaste and a wet rag.

Low Radiator Fluids

A very common problem the drivers may often come across is leaking fluid from the car radiator. If the radiator has lost all its fluid due to leakage, you may replace the fluid using water yourself. Though it is not advisable, it can be a good alternative for desperate situations. 

Foggy Windows

One of the biggest problems of driving on a very cold or rainy day is the fogging or frosting of windows. This ends up blocking the sight of the driver and may cause hazardous results or even accidents. 

To avoid fogging, you can use anti-fog products when you clean your windows; turning the heater inside the car on cold days may also help. Apart from that, keeping the windows clean by wiping them on a daily basis is also a way out and in desperate situations, you may use a towel to wipe off the fog. 

Getting Stuck in the Snow

Having cars where the winters are really cold brings in another problem of getting stuck in the snow. Suppose the driver happens to get unwary while driving may find himself stuck in a snowy situation. In such situations, you have to try to look for some cardboard or plane stuff that they can put under the tires and this may help the car roll out of the problem. In case nothing is found, you may even try using your car’s floor mats to get out of the snow. 

Overheating Engine 

One of the main and most difficult to solve problems for the drivers is the overheating of the engine while driving. The problem can be easily detected as you can see smoke coming out of the car hood.

The first step to be taken is to keep the engine running, so the fan doesn’t stop spinning; this can be done by stopping at a safe spot, switching neutral on gear and accelerating the gas pedal. When possible, lift the hood and let the engine cool off on its own and do not forget to leave the hazard light on while doing so.

Ways to Fix a Car in an Emergency Like a Pro!

These were some basic and temporary solutions that we have curated for you in this article. However, difficult situations might need some other measures and you have to call for professional help.

When it comes to choosing a service, you should contact a company that is close by and has a good reputation. You should not forget to check the credentials of the company before hiring them.

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