Simple Ways To Make Your Car Safer To Drive

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Looking to make your car safer to drive?

In the 2020s, we drive safer cars than in the mid-1800s when cars were invented. Over the years, there have been countless car safety improvement features, but driving from A to B is still a dangerous task. The Association for Safe International travel estimates that approximately 1.35 million people die in road accidents every year, a whopping average of 37,000 people who lose their lives daily.

Although car manufacturers are constantly working on including built-in safety features such as seat belts, rare-view mirrors, and sophisticated alert sensors or gadgets, these improvements do not eliminate the chances of a crash.

So, we’ve listed five simple and practical ways to make your car safer to drive.

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Warranty Plan

A car warranty or service agreement is a contract that you as a car owner are given to protect your car against defects or damages that may occur naturally. Although car warranties do not cover your vehicle against accidents or third-party damages, they do come in handy in ensuring constant maintenance and repairs. 

Servicing your car regularly with a warranty plan such as the BMW extended warranty will expose potential defects in your vehicle that can lead to an accident or collision.

Important Safety Precautions

The most effective way to drive safely on the road is to take all safety precautions. It is imperative to ensure that you do not operate your car under the influence of any substance that alters your natural state. 

Do not drive above the speed limit. Always wear your safety belt. Avoid distractions like using your phone or fiddling with your radio while driving. Take extra precautions when driving in rainy weather or adverse weather conditions. These safety precautions will also help you avoid a bad driving record

Upgrade Your Tires

The saying goes, a driver’s safety begins when the rubber meets the road. In the event of a crash, the efficiency of your car tires and brakes will be the determining factor of how badly your car will be damaged. 

Consider changing your old car tires to run-flat tires with adequate tire pressure and threading required to bring your vehicle to a halt during a collision effectively.

Install A Reverse Camera

Although the rear-view and side mirrors on your car can adequately assist while reversing, there are blind spots that the mirrors do not reflect; this is where a reverse camera comes in. A reverse or backup camera will show you objects that may be close to your rear bumper.  This definitely helps make your car safer to drive.

Install A Blind-Spot Alert System

A blind-spot alert system can be used as an alternative to a reverse camera. The system is operated by sensors that trigger a warning when your car is at risk of a collision. Sophisticated systems come with features determining the object’s position respective to your vehicle.

Make Your Car Safer to Drive Today!

Ultimately your overall safety when driving is mainly determined by human factors. Therefore it is essential to ensure that you always abide by the safety regulations set by the state; follow the guides of traffic signals and road signs.   

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