Why Chevy 706 Heads LS Make a Great Choice?

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Cylinder heads are the essential building blocks of an engine, and they play a vital role in the efficient operation of a vehicle. A right cylinder head ensures the engine’s performance and longevity, so it’s important to select the appropriate head for your car.

Though multiple cylinder head options are available in the market, very few provide reliability and performance at an affordable cost. That being the case, Chevy 706 LS Heads guarantee a robust engine build for your car. 

Chevy 706 Heads come with all new stainless steel swirl polished 2.00 and 1.57 valves, new springs for up to .650 lift, new retainers, spring seats, and valve seals. The heads are washed, disassembled, pressure tested, and all valve stems have been replaced as per requirements. Scroll down to learn more about 706 heads.

Chevy 706 Heads- The Mechanical Powerhouse of Internal Combustion Engines

Chevy 706 LS Heads are high-performing cylinder heads that offer enormous power at an incredible price. They are the most affordable and most effective remanufactured cylinder heads that can be used for a 4.8L, 5.3L, and even 6.0L LS engine build. Their thin cross-section depicts a high-velocity and smaller-volume runner design with an excellent flow. 

Having been in the market for around a long time, the LS 706 cylinder heads are out-of-the-box and provide great performance engines. Dozens of dyno tests have shown the proven performance. Besides, the ported 706 heads are compatible with various Chevrolet-made vehicles of different models.

Casting 706 Heads

The LS 706 Heads wound up on different models of the Chevy family and fit with the high-performing LM7, LR4, and LM4 5.3 engines. The engine specialists have remanufactured these high-geared cylinder heads at a much more affordable cost and made them the best-performing, cathedral-port factory heads out in the market. 

Below are its specifications:

  • 706 5.3L Truck Castings
  • Valve size: Intake- 1.89, Exhaust-1.55
  • Port Volume: Intake- 197cc, Exhaust- 69cc
  • Combustion Chamber: 61.5 cc

Benefits of Casting Chevy 706 Heads

  • Most affordable, powerful, and effective
  • Superior to 862 heads in reliability and performance
  • Flow is excellent and superior to 317 heads, suitable for many builds
  • Have smaller chambers that forbid the compression loss
  • Plentiful and readily available in market

Read on to learn about why LS 706 heads are better than other popular cylinder heads.

Why are Chevy 706 Heads better than 317 or 862 Heads?

706 Heads Vs. 317 Heads

Most people tend to prefer 317 heads as they have improved ports, same as 243 and 799 Heads, which are more expensive. However, 317 heads have larger combustion chambers of 71.06cc, which will cost performance, especially on a naturally aspirated engine. This compression loss ends up being a net horsepower loss for 317 heads, even with their superior ports. 

Dyno testing on an LM7 5.3L has proved that the 706 heads were worth 20 hp and 15 lb-ft over 317 heads, even with their slightly larger valves. Milling down the 317 heads is possible, but expensive to do. 

Though the 706 heads have smaller valves than 317 heads, they are still high performers keeping your compression ratio in the absolute spot. Thus, when it comes to cost versus performance, 706 heads in stock form are the king of budget-friendly heads.

706 Heads Vs. 862 Heads

The Chevy 706 LS Heads are semi-permanent mold (SPM) made and superior to the most common 862 heads, which are sand cast. The SPM method is a more consistent process, but porting 862 heads nullifies the difference between them. But again, porting costs cash, so 706 heads are the best choice to cast in stock form. 

Chevy 706- A Great Choice

Among other cylinder heads, 706 are solid performers that keep the combustion ratio in the right spot. The modified combustion chambers and high velocity port technology offer these rebuilt cylinder heads impressive power gains at an economical cost. The 706 LS heads can also be upgraded with larger valves for even more high performance if you have the budget.

The heads come with great flow and smaller factory combustion chambers that refrain from compression into the basement, unlike other cylinder heads. They consistently improved the power output of the 5.3L engine by 20 hp. The rebuilt cylinder heads are also plentiful in scrap yards and come on hundreds of thousands of 1999 and up 4.8L and 5.3L engines. A large supply of these remanufactured cylinder heads balances the price.

Bottom Line

To sum up, the Chevy Vortec LS 706 heads have become the go-to-performance and swap heads of the modern era. They are budget-friendly, stand out amongst other heads, and will give you the most “bang for your buck” performance. A vehicle’s horsepower, torque, and throttle response largely depend on the performance of cylinder heads and the induction system. 

LS 706 heads, therefore, make the ideal choice for a high-performance vehicle. If you are in the market to pick up the right cylinder head, then the 706 LS Heads are a great choice, which will make your car a winner!

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