4 Reasons To Get Yourself A Car Today

Many people have vehicles, while others might be on the fence about getting one. Maybe you feel like you can’t afford it, or you have other alternatives. There are certainly compelling reasons both for and against car ownership.

However, in this article, we’re going to go over some of the reasons why you might decide to cave and buy a car. Maybe some of what we’re saying will sound familiar to you, and you’ll feel like it’s time to start looking at some financing options.

You Are Sick of Walking or Cycling Everywhere

It could be that you have had your driver’s license for a while, but you are trying to make do without a vehicle. You walk everywhere, or you bike to work every day. Maybe you even have a motorcycle, but no car.

You know that motorcycles are not very safe, though. Every time you get one on, you risk road rash or worse injuries. As for walking:

  • Some destinations are too far away
  • You can walk on local roads, but not alongside a highway

If you bike everywhere, it’s good exercise, but it might be impossible with winter coming on. You can’t bike through thick snowdrifts or stay steady on an icy street.

If you have a car, you can safely get where you’re going, and you can tackle both local roads and highways. During the winter, the heater will also keep you toasty warm when you’re on your way to the grocery store, work, picking the kids up from school, etc.

You Don’t Want to Take Public Transportation Anymore

You might also use public transportation to get to most of your destinations. You may take:

  • A bus
  • A train
  • A ferry

Different cities and towns have various public transportation methods. If you live in a bigger city, you will have more options.

If you reside in a smaller town, though, there are probably not many public transportation choices. There might be just a couple of buses, and they probably don’t run all the time.

Also, you might not want to ride on buses or trains anymore. Sometimes there are mentally ill or homeless people on there that don’t smell too good. Often, these individuals have nowhere else to go.

It’s not their fault, but you still probably don’t want to sit squeezed up against them. Getting a car can be your solution to this issue.

You Can Go Anywhere You Want at Any Time

Also, if you have a car, you can decide to go to the all-night grocery store at four o'clock in the morning, if you want to. If you suddenly decide that you want to drive to Vegas, you can do that.

A car represents freedom. Provided you have the minimum required insurance amount and gas in it, or an electric charge if it’s an electric car, you can go anywhere you want at any time.

If you don’t have wheels, you’re stuck with public transportation again, and you have to figure out the bus or train schedule. If you want to go across the country, you have to look at the long-distance bus or train options, or fly, which is quite expensive. Most people don’t want to fly yet because of Covid-19 concerns.

You Don’t Have to Ask Friends and Family for Rides

reasons to get new car

You might ask your friends or family members for rides to different places frequently. You might rely on your mom to get you to work all the time. You may have to ask your cousin to borrow their car so you can pick your kids up from their activities.

It feels good when you have your own car, and you don’t need to ask for favors all the time. You don’t have to see the eye rolls and hear the dramatic sighs.

Many people feel like vehicle ownership is part of being an adult. If you don’t have a car yet and live in a place where you can’t get around without a vehicle, you will be a pain to the vehicle owners you know until you take steps to alleviate the problem.

It’s true that if you want a car, you have to come up with the money for it, plus insurance, upkeep fees, gas money, etc. Many people come to a time in their lives when they feel like it’s worth it, though. Maybe you have reached the moment when having a car is a cheaper option than not having one.

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