Owning A Smart Car? How To Keep Maintaining It

Although many people consider them cute, Smart cars were discontinued in the United States in 2019. Nevertheless, you can still buy a used Smart car and insure it. In addition, the manufacturer continues to provide service and maintenance options.

Compact and Maneuverable Cars

Made by Daimler and marketed starting from 2014, more than two million Smart cars have been sold. The electric Smart cars are less than nine feet long, so their compact size is perfect for drivers who want a vehicle that can squeeze into any parking spot. The tiny car can only accommodate two people and has no back seat, which makes it ideal for singles or couples without children or pets who would ride in the car.

Despite their appeal and fuel efficiency, there are concerns about the safety of the small cars. However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) evaluated the 2017 Smart Fortwo, a two-door hatchback, and gave it a good score for crashworthiness. The IIHS also gave it a good score for structure and safety cage, driver injury measures and driver restraints. 

Buying Used Smart Cars

Daimler's decision to stop selling Smart cars in the U.S. does not mean you can no longer buy one. Drivers who like electric vehicles that are easy to maneuver on cramped streets are still purchasing used Smart vehicles. For instance, a 2013 Fortwo Passion car with 64,000 miles on it is selling for $8,998. The car has leather seats, a skylight, front seat heaters, alloy wheels and a rear defroster.

One of the benefits of purchasing a used car, even if newer models are no longer being made, is the cost savings. You can find vehicles that are in great condition and have low mileage. A certified, inspected used model can be a great purchase for a single person or couple that wants a reliable car.

For example, a 2018 used Smart car for sale costs $16,590 and only has 7,178 Miles. The car has an electric engine, leather seats and rear wheel drive. It also has a rear view camera, audio system memory card slot and an internal USB port.

Insuring a Smart Car

The manufacturer's decision to discontinue the car does not affect your ability to have it insured. You can still obtain insurance from a large company in any state. The same state requirements apply as for other models of vehicles.

In general, insurance for a Smart car costs less than $1,000 per year in the U.S. This is lower than the national average for most cars. Keep in mind that your rate will vary based on your driving record, age, zip code and other factors.

Maintaining Your Smart Car


If you already own a Smart car, you can continue to have it serviced or maintained like normal. The manufacturer has created a central hub online for car owners who need help with their vehicles. You can find the latest information about the Smart car on this hub.

If you prefer to DIY, there are how-to videos that walk you through the Smart car's interior and exterior parts. You can learn how to adjust cruise control or make voice commands by watching the videos. There are also videos that show you how to replace the battery, air filter, spark plugs, wiper blades and oil.

In addition to videos, the central hub has manuals for the Smart car from the 2008 to 2018 model years. You have the option of downloading the owner's manual or warranty manual. The manuals provide detailed information about your vehicle that can be useful when making repairs.

If you would rather have a professional take care of your Smart car, there are dealership and other service options that can help. The central hub has a search engine that allows you to look for the closest locations based on your zip code or city and state. You may be able to schedule an appointment for service online. You should not have difficulty finding the parts you need for a Smart car repair.

Checking for Recalls

The central hub allows you to check for recalls based on your car's VIN number. For example, the 2017 Smart Fortwo had a recall for the left front axle steering knuckle because it could fall off. The knuckle was replaced free of charge for car owners. Although there have been few recalls in recent years, the car manufacturer continues to monitor complaints and can issue one if it is necessary.

Whether you already own a Smart car or are planning to buy a used one, you can continue to maintain and service the vehicle despite the manufacturer no longer making newer models. This also does not affect your ability to insure the Smart car with any insurance company.

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