Signs Your Car Needs Auto Repair or Maintenance Done

Whether you use your car for leisure activities, picking up your kids after their sports engagement programs, or getting to and from school or work, the only way it will continue to serve your needs is by keeping up with some routine maintenance.

Some of the most complicated machines that humans ever built are today’s trucks and cars. They’re full of computing capabilities. And if you think that they’re invincible because of the technology within them, you’re wrong. If ever your car has something to tell you, you always have to pay attention, and it’s something you can’t ignore.

Save yourself the time and hassle by being capable of telling whether your vehicle needs immediate servicing. To achieve this, you can check out websites like for highly-trained and certified technicians.

This post is going to share some signs your car needs auto repair or maintenance done. Check them out below.

1. The Check Engine Light Flashes

A car has hundreds of systems, and when your check engine light flashes, it could be a sign that something's wrong with one of them. There's no need to panic if your check engine light illuminates in a normal way. It would only mean that you have to schedule an appointment sooner or later with a technician to have your engine repaired or checked.

A flashing light on your dashboard, however, means your vehicle’s engine needs immediate checking. If you continue to drive your car without the necessary repair, the catalytic converter might get damaged, especially if the problem is within the emission systems.

You also should get immediate assistance if your car runs far from what it usually does or what is normal. 

2. Knocking Noise From Under The Hood

Replacement of the engine bearings is usually required when you start to hear a knocking noise in your vehicle, especially if it comes from under the hood. Well, it could be an engine replacement or a massive engine repair at the very least depending on the situation since many of the moving parts of your engine rest on the bearings.

3. Exhaust Smoke In Large Amounts

Excessive exhaust smoke will always be a sign of trouble in your car's engine, and it's one of the most obvious signs you'd notice. A technician can diagnose the current issue depending on what color the smoke has. If the engine has used too much gasoline, a black smoke usually appears. White smoke, on the other hand, indicates burning coolant while a burning oil could be the problem if blue smoke comes out.

It would be best if you always keep an eye on your dashboard and check to see if the temperature gauge is normal since overheating also results in smoke coming out from under the hood of your vehicle. Consider getting immediate assistance when you notice that the temperature gauge is going up. Pull over and wait for the cooling of the engine when you're in the middle of a drive.

4. Sputtering At An Idle

Engine trouble is usually present when your vehicle sputters at an idle or while you’re in the middle of a drive. Fixing a sensor or installing brand new spark plugs usually fix such a problem.

5. Sudden Transmission Issue

Gear Switch

If ever you experience funny feelings or operating sounds, dramatic surges, or difficulty speeding up while you're in the middle of a drive, a transmission issue may be present in your vehicle. Pay close attention to how the car operates, especially in normal conditions, and if you encounter these problems, visit a trusted mechanic shop as soon as possible for your vehicle to undergo transmission repair.

6. Vehicle Suddenly Dies While On A Drive

Whether it happens while idling or driving, you need to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible when your car suddenly dies. Since such a problem will prevent the driver from properly controlling the vehicle, many experts consider stalling very dangerous, the reason why you have to act immediately to solve the problem.

7. Strange Odors

There's trouble within your vehicle when you start to experience odd smells. A leaking coolant could be the problem if you come across a sweet and maple-like smell. Heater vents and AC molds, on the other hand, results in a gym bag kind of smell. If it's already time to repair the clutch of your car, you'll start to experience a smell like a burning paper.

8. Leaks

You need a mechanic ASAP if major leaks on your parking ground start to appear. These leaks come from underneath your car. The colors are usually dark red or brown if it’s the brake fluid, engine oil, or transmission oil. Coolant leaks, on the other hand, appear as bright green.

Prevention is Key

It doesn’t matter which of the following signs above gives you a hint that your vehicle operates in an abnormal condition, you can prevent the problem from growing if you’ll act immediately and have it checked by a trusted reliable auto mechanic. The last thing you’d want to do is to ignore these things and continue driving but suffer from costly repairs later on.

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