How are Airbags Tested?

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One of the most important parts about owning a car is feeling safe while you are driving. However, feeling protected means knowing more about your vehicle and how it works. All in all, knowing how airbags are tested really makes a difference in how you feel in your car. 

Getting airbags tested means putting them through very strict safety protocols. Read on to find out more about airbags, the quality of airbags tested, as well as their overall successfulness. 

Airbags Tested Thoroughly

The testing of airbags is quite thorough. Each vehicle needs to meet certain safety ratings. Not only that, but there are also very specific qualifications especially for airbags.

There are several steps manufacturers take for getting airbags approved. First, companies check the actual manufacturing of the airbag. Secondly, they will test installation into the car. Finally, they test airbag deployment and effectiveness. All things considered, this makes for a very intense and detailed testing regiment.

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Airbag Manufacturing

Airbag quality control begins before the airbag is even complete. Airbags have every part, stitch, as well as fold thoroughly inspected. Not to mention they need to be made of high quality materials!

In order to make certain the airbags are reliable from the start, there are lots of levels of testing. Here are the steps for testing an airbag during the manufacturing stage: 

  • Individual Module Components – Materials, gas generators, ignitors, as well as proper folding are all inspected.
  • Signal Testing – In this step, manufacturers test all components together. They test the signal released to the airbag, as well as the timing of the airbag deployment. They both need to happen within certain testing parameters. 
  • Integrated Testing – Airbags tested at this stage need to be placed inside the corresponding car part for more testing. For example, an airbag placed inside a steering wheel or side door, then deployed.
  • Full Integration – The airbags become part of a complete vehicle and an inspection is done with the entire car. All in all, it must perform well within the vehicle. The airbag needs to deploy within specific safety parameters laid out by a government agency.

If airbags do not meet international, as well as local government standards, then they fail. The airbags tested do not go into vehicles. This means that if you’re driving a secondhand car, or a new vehicle, you can driving knowing your airbags are incredibly safe.

Vehicle Testing

After an airbag is tested by the manufacturers, it is reviewed by an independent agency. This agency is separate from manufacturers for integrity purposes. It is normally a part of a government entity. In the United States, for instance, it is the NHTSA. This stands for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

There are not only specifications for airbags tested by manufacturers, but also all types of airbags. Side, frontal, passenger, interior, as well as exterior and other types of airbags are all regulated. These airbags help improve the performance of your vehicle in the case of an accident.

General Safety

The vehicle is complete and on the road when it meets all of the required qualifications. If you already own the vehicle, you have the option to do an airbag diagnostics test. Always hire a licensed professional to do it for you! This will ensure your airbags can save your life in an accident.

Airbags save thousands of lives everyday. Research shows these safety measures reduce injury in major car crashes for adults and teenagers. However, there are problems with improper placement of small children and infants.

All things considered, check your local government agency. Their website will instruct you how to properly put your child in a car with airbags. 

Airbags Tested for Your Safety!

Airbags tested for modern vehicles go through a rigorous evaluation process. Allowing you to drive knowing your airbags have to meet the highest national standards. This testing is for your safety, as well as the safety of others on the road and in your car!

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