Anatomy Of A Modern Day Tune-Up

You know that every car needs maintenance, it’s the safest way of ensuring your vehicle stays on the road. This is more important than ever before because modern vehicles are much more complicated pieces of equipment than their predecessors.

The old-fashioned tune-up was replacing spark plugs, adjusting the fuel-air mix, and perhaps taking a look at the distributor cap. Today, you need a reputable garage to handle the computers that control all the sensors in your vehicle

What’s Involved In A Modern Tune-Up?

Despite the prevalence of computers n modern cars, there are still several things that need to be checked and adjusted by an actual person. Even the fully autonomous vehicles aren’t able to diagnose and fix their own issues every time.

A modern tune-up still looks at spark plugs and replaces them if necessary. The fuel filter and air filter will also be changed, as will the oil filter and the oil. These are fairly standard items that wear out over time. Checking and replacing them helps to prevent problems from happening.

It’s becoming increasingly common for tune-ups to feature a fuel injection service. This means cleaning the lines and making sure they are correctly pressurized. When a computer is controlling the exact amount of fuel being injected the lines need to be able to deliver the right amount

Of course, fluid levels are still checked but the real fun starts when the technician plugs in the diagnostic computer This isn’t just a diagnostic code reader.

Your technician will know the specifications of your engine, they’re different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Get the right technician

The computer will simulate all the necessary engine running positions to obtain results that can be compared to how the car should be performing. At that point, the technician can assess where the car is running poorly.

The next step is to identify the problem, which is likely to be with one of the many sensors in the vehicle. Checking, adjusting, and replacing these as necessary is time-consuming but it will ensure your vehicle is running like it was intended to when it left the factory.

That’s essential if you want to maintain it’s value and keep it on the road when you need it. After all, there is little point in having a vehicle if, when you really need it, it breaks down. You should feel confident that your car can take you anywhere at any time, a car that is regularly tuned-up will.

The Right Technician

The key to getting the best possible tune-up is n choosing the right technician. That means someone who understands a Kia needs more regular maintenance than a Jaguar. Every manufacturer has its own maintenance schedule.

While the main dealer should be the best bet, they are also the most expensive option A good independent technician, such as Ethan’s Autos, can handle any vehicle. That makes them the best bet once you’re out of your initial warranty period and especially if you have more than one type of vehicle.

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