3 Car Problems That Aren’t Mechanical

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As a driver, you may find yourself having more than a few car problems over the years. However, there are lots of issues that aren’t mechanical. You can find yourself in a heap of trouble with your car, even if it isn’t broken down on the side of the road.

Just like needing to know what to do if you get a flat, you need to be prepared for anything with your car. In order to help you know what could possibly happen, we have put together three car problems that aren’t mechanical just for you. That way you can learn to expect the unexpected and be prepared!

Mother Nature

There are lots of predictions that are made about the weather. However, when it comes to mother nature, you never really know quite what you’re getting into. Weather can cause all sorts of issues with your car.

driving in weather

Here are a few weather related things that can cause damage to your vehicle:

  • Hail
  • Flooding
  • Sleet
  • Quick freezing temperatures
  • Bad storms
  • Overly hot temperatures

Not only can this cause damage to your car, with rust, engine failures, and body damage, but it can also endanger you on the road.

Don’t try to drive when mother nature makes the roads a dangerous place to be. Icy roads and flash floods are deadly circumstances if you are in a car. So be certain to avoid weather related car problems whenever you can!


It’s not always something you want to think about, but theft is one of the most common car problems that isn’t mechanical. Not only do you lose your car, but you also have to deal with the police, potential damage if it is recovered, and insurance claims. Having your car stolen is absolutely a huge problem that has nothing to do with the engine.

Not only can there be theft of the vehicle itself, but it is more and more common to find parts missing from your car. Catalytic converter theft is on the rise because of the precious metals inside this essential car part. Car tires, license plates, as well as the things inside of your vehicle being stolen is all quite common.

You can take steps to protect your car. Tire boots, or on board cameras often lead to thieves being caught quickly. Not to mention GPS trackers and locators are excellent for police to catch criminals!

Be sure to get a good insurance for your vehicle and the contents inside of your car. That way, if you are a victim of theft, you have coverage.

Warranty and Insurance Coverage

Speaking of coverage, lots of car problems can stem from bad insurance coverage and warranty issues. Let’s say you assume your car’s radiator is covered under the warranty, so you take it into the shop for engine repairs. They perform the service and BOOM, you’re hit with a huge bill. What can you do but pay for it?

Make sure you know your warranty forwards and backwards. Not to mention your complete car insurance policy. There are a lot of things that can’t be covered, or aren’t covered in basic insurance packages. So be sure to know whether or not there is a loophole.

The 3 Car Problems to Avoid if You Can!

There are a lot of car problems that can be mechanical. However, sometimes it is the ones that aren’t mechanical that can cause the most trouble! Don’t be caught off guard with your catalytic converter going missing, or nasty weather, or awful warranty and insurance red tape.

In order to best be prepared for a problem, sometimes just being aware it exists can be helpful. These three non-mechanical car problems can happen to anyone. This article will help you be prepared, and find solutions to fix these terribly inconvenient issues.

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