How to Maintain Your Stock Car Between Practice Sessions and Events

Stock car racing is much more than an adventure sport. It involves skill, preparation, and lots of passion. Being passionate about the sports isn't just about owning a stock car. It also involves maintenance.

So, combine your undying enthusiasm with these stock car maintenance tips, and soon, you'll outperform your records.

1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning you stock car is not just after after practices and events, but on a regular basis as well. You should indulge your car weekly or bi-weekly by washing it using car soap and clean water.

Stock auto body repairs should only be done by a certified Ford auto body shop near your area. Make sure that your car is clean and in top condition before the event.

2. Bleed the Brakes

After washing your car, it is ideal to bleed the brakes to eliminate the harmful moisture and to ensure that your brakes will always have a good supply of fluids.

Bleeding the breaks is not dangerous. In fact, it is a recommended maintenance process. So, don't hesitate to change the brakes as and when required.

3. Engine Performance

Just like any car, your stock car's engine is prone to wear and tear because of the intense sessions on the road. Ignoring engine maintenance can not only affect your performance but can also cause fatal accidents. It is advised to get the stock car engine inspected by professionals from time to time.Repairs should also be performed when necessary.

4. Tire Check-Ups

Tire blow-outs during a high-speed race spell DANGER! Car tire inspections are absolutely crucial and any sign of wear and tear should not be ignored. The tires should be replaced before you take the wheel for a spin.

Purchase high-quality tires from known brands that are authorized by your car's manufacturer is also important.

5. Oil changes

This is maintenance fundamental and should ideally be a part of your car service regimen. Change the oil and replace the filter from time to time. Inspect the gasket for signs of leaks and check the filter for metal particles. If you're inexperienced, take help from an expert.

6. Fuel System Servicing

Stock Car Maintenance

Another important aspect is fuel system maintenance. This involves servicing the fuel tank, injectors, and supply lines. A thorough inspection at the time of servicing can save you from expensive future repairs.

7. Chassis Inspections

In order to inspect the chassis, the car's torsion bars will have to be taken off. Besides the chassis, you should also inspect the shocks. Experts recommend chassis inspection once a week if there's a weekly racing schedule.

8. Frame Repairs

It's not just the internal machinery of your stock car that needs to be maintained to keep it in good condition. The car's frame strength and stability is equally important when it comes to performance. After an intense race, it is likely that the car's exteriors could have been adversely impacted. Cracks, broken tubes and any other damages on the frame should be duly mended.

9. Suspension Conditions

Car suspension problems can affect shifts between gears and should never be taken lightly. In your regular pre-race maintenance, the suspension should be cleaned and well-lubricated.

Maintain Stock Car for High Performance

To strike that golden cup, a car racer should practice more often. However, during the process, your car will wear and it needs some maintenance. Following the above steps for stock car maintenance can be a big help to achieve your goals.

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