Pedestrian Accidents: Safe Driving Tips To Avoid Fatal Collisions

Pedestrian accidents are a concern for drivers and pedestrians alike. While the number of pedestrian accidents seems to increase yearly worldwide, both drivers and pedestrians can take measures to help mitigate the issue. While the driver is usually responsible for this type of traumatic collision, pedestrian accident lawyers are readily available to assist the victims of these road accidents. Because the result of pedestrian accidents often involves severe injuries and even death, these safe driving tips will help you avoid the horrific experience and essentially be a safer road user.

Drive Slower In Pedestrian Areas

Driving the speed limit is always essential, although, when traveling through areas in which pedestrians are walking, you should consider driving a bit slower than the recommended speed limit. This is even more essential when driving near areas where there are many pedestrians, such as areas with schools, shopping hotspots, and others. The slower that you drive, the more time you will have to react as pedestrians can sometimes be a bit unpredictable with their movements, especially in areas known for high rates of people walking around.

Consider The Weather

Just like you can't stay home when the weather is less than pleasant, the same is applicable for pedestrians. It will be a massive mistake to simply assume that people won't be traveling by foot because it's raining, so be even more vigilant during rainy weather as your vision will be a bit less clear. You may have less of a reaction time when a pedestrian is crossing the road.

Never Drive Under The Influence

Driving any vehicle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most common causes of road accidents, which is why you should avoid driving when under the influence of alcohol and any medicines that hinder your ability to react on the roads. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a problem around the globe as a common cause of car accidents. Driving under the influence will also automatically make you the responsible party for the incident, even if a pedestrian wrongfully walked in front of your vehicle.

Tips For Pedestrians To Stay Safe

Pedestrian Accidents

Just as drivers can be more vigilant when traveling on the roads, pedestrians also have means of keeping themselves safer when traveling by foot. Instead of crossing the road simply anywhere, you should always use pedestrian crossing sections as this is where drivers will expect to see walkers.

In addition to this, you should avoid assuming drivers will always see you and instead believe they won't. Always be sure to look both ways twice before crossing any road and never walk under the influence, as your reaction time will decrease. When walking with a child, you should always hold their hand. Many pedestrian accidents involve young children who unfortunately stepped out even a moment too soon when crossing a road with a parent or adult.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, it is always best to immediately contact emergency services and attempt to block the road off to divert any passing traffic. Never attempt to move the pedestrian victim and instead phone emergency services to ask for advice on stabilizing the victim while you await their arrival.

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