Qualities a Trailer Lock Should Offer You

To have a set up that is ready to pull a trailer, you will require several different pieces. Whatever the set up you have, you need to look into ways of keeping the trailer set up secure.

As you are out having fun on the weekend or taking care of business-critical tasks, you cannot always stand guard. In such situations, you need to do the best you can by proactively taking precautions to secure the trailer. In some setups, you can simply slide in a padlock in an attempt to secure your property; however, this is still open to several issues such as a bolt cutter that slices off the lock.

For added security, you need to consider purchasing a trailer coupler lock. Trailer coupler locks are specifically designed to deter any effort at stealing your trailer while hitched to your vehicle.

Some coupler locks are key-operated and found in several different styles. So, what makes for the best trailer hitch lock on the market for you? For a smooth purchasing process, you need to check on the following qualities in a trailer lock.

Durable Construction Material

Even before diving into the design of the trailer lock, one of the first things the best coupler lock should offer you is durable materials. Trailer locks are made from various materials, and each offers a different degree of protection. On the market, you will find zinc alloy, aluminum and steel locks – but the important thing is the material’s ability to provide security.

If you purchase a cheap option, it is likely made of low-grade steel, which can be overcome by a couple of sharp blows from a sledgehammer. On the other hand, it’s not easy to break a higher quality steel trailer lock.

What you should be looking for is a lock that cannot be easily broken because once broken, it will not act as a deterrent to thieves. In addition, the lock’s materials should also be in a position to stand up to the elements. This is especially critical if you spend an extensive amount of time outside where the lock and trailer are exposed to elements and weather.

Compatible Design Build

When it comes down to it, you will find two basic models when shopping for a trailer hitch lock. The first is the universal model that has a metal ball that fits into your trailer hitch coupler followed by a bar or bridge that goes over the hitch assembly. This design allows stopping anyone from attaching the trailer to his or her car without a key.

The other is the deadbolt lock (hitch pin lock) that attaches through the trailer hitch handle. Such locks are usually smaller and cheaper, but you need to find the exact size that fits through your trailer hitch.

Added Locking Mechanism

Some trailer locks feature inbuilt locking mechanisms that help you save money. Such locks also add more strength to your security plan. In most cases, locks with inbuilt mechanisms have hardened locking parts that are not easy to tamper with.

Other locks allow you to use third-party padlocks, allowing you to choose what kind of lock works best for your situation. These locks also allow you to customize your trailer safety plan for maximum protection.

Weather Resistance

Most of the time you have your trailer is outdoors; therefore, they will encounter harsh weather conditions. Locking your trailer with a good weather-resistant trailer lock is a great step. Rust-resistant and non-corroding materials on trailer locks ensure that they do not decrease their performance.

Easy to Use Trailer Lock

The simple truth is that if you buy a lock that takes fifty steps to operate, it will not make securing your trailer any much easier. The most probable scenario is that you will stop using it within a couple of days, rendering it useless. You need to find a lock that is so simple to use, that you can comfortably do it in the dark!


The best trailer hitch lock is your best guarantee at an efficient and affordable way of deterring trailer theft attempts. In addition to the lock, add a few other lock systems to ensure complete security of your trailer. Overall, the trailer hitch lock is the lynchpin that prevents anyone from simply towing away your trailer with ease.

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Jim Thompson