Spring Road Trip? Follow This Road Safety Checklist

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Thinking about going on a Spring road trip? Check out our helpful safety checklist!

Spring has finally sprung and the weather in the UK this time of year usually warms up. With this change in season, many people embark on a spring getaway of sorts. For a lot of people, this can be a spring road trip on the weekend.

Whether you’re going to the Lakes in the North West, or Devon in the South East, there are many beautiful places in the UK to be enjoyed in the springtime. If you are planning on hitting the road, it’s important to remember the vital steps for car and road safety. 

Reputable driving school, Beverly Slater, discusses road safety tips with us to help prepare you before your road trip. 

Ensure You Have Enough Fuel

Now this may sound obvious, but too many times drivers will forget to top up on fuel before a big journey ahead. Planning ahead and refuelling your car before the big day can really help take some stress off your mind, and ensure your trip goes smoothly. 

Refuelling before your trip is a great idea as you’ve guaranteed yourself enough fuel to get there, and get back! You don’t want to be searching for a nearby petrol station on the last day of your trip.

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Make Sure You’re Well-Rested

Another bit of road safety advice is ensuring you are well rested before the journey. Driving whilst tired is extremely dangerous, you could jeopardize not only your life, but your passengers and other drivers lives too. It’s vital to be well rested before you set off, and if you find yourself too tired to drive at any point, find the nearest service area to pull over. 

Plan Ahead for Where You’re Going to Stop

For your Spring road trip, planning your stops can save you a lot of time and energy on your road trip. If you’re going on a long journey, especially if you have children, it’s best to plan for a few stops along the way. You want to make sure you know where your stops are going to be and when you’ll be approaching them, so you can let your passengers know too.

If you know exactly where you’re going, this can prevent any confusion and detours later on in your journey. It’s always best to plan ahead.

Check Your Vehicle

Performing a safety check on your car is an essential thing to do before a road trip. Making sure your car is safe for travel is a must. Here are some of the things you need to check properly before setting off.

  • Tires – ensuring your tires are in proper working order is vital. You should check the pressure before you get into your car. 
  • Mirrors – Making sure your mirrors are positioned correctly is important. You need to be able to see behind you.
  • Lights – You also need to make sure your headlights are in proper working order before you set off. This is especially important if you’re planning to be driving during the night.

Make Sure You Have a First Aid Kit Available 

One of the most important road safety rules to follow is ensuring you have a stocked up first aid kit in your car. You never know what can happen on the road so it’s best to be prepared. You’ll need things like plasters, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, and hay fever tablets for this time of year. 

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