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Tesla manufacturers love tidying up their cars and frequently offer additional accessories to boost the appearance and execution of your vehicle. However, one of the best ways to give your new Tesla a nice look is to obtain the Tesla aftermarket wheels and rims.

Whether you seek to enhance your car’s looks, performance, or anything else, custom Tesla wheels could be a great choice. Therefore, I have investigated some of the best tesla aftermarket wheels and rims types. So, if you are looking to upgrade your new Tesla wheels, you could decide hassle-freely.

List of Five Best Tesla Aftermarket Wheels

While reviewing the best tesla wheels, keep each point in your mind so that you can compare them with each other in the end and make the right decision. So let’s explore each wheel option in detail.

Avant Garde Wheels

If you usually travel on bumpy roads, you should definitely consider sturdy wheels that could tackle high curbs and withstand hard hits. With the Avant Garde wheels, made with aerospace-grade aluminum and comprises durable and robust rims, you will feel no tricky jump. These wheel types are tremendously lightweight. 

A unique Avant garde wheel, the AG-M580 wheel, which is considered ideal and highly recommended by Tesla owners, has been in the market for over forty years. There’s no wonder that these wheels are being designed specifically for the Tesla community to deliver conceivable performance. 

Some of the flawless Avant garde wheels that are ideal for the new Tesla include AG-M610, AG-M580, and AG-M615.

Vossen Wheels

Vossen is a reputable wheel brand that is well-known for delivering unique wheel and rim designs. Usually, Tesla owners use these wheels for track racing because they provide an immediate feel with improved performance and competence.

These wheels are financed by one of the best structural lifetime warranties for your buy with confidence. Vossen is amongst the most popular brands all across the world in the tesla community because they contain good style, balance, and excellent prices.

Vossen HF-5, Vossen VFS-5, and Vossen S21-01 are some of the popular Vossen wheels that are considered ideal for your tesla vehicle.

Forgestar Wheels

If you seek to adopt aggressive wheels that add an attitude to your new Tesla car, look no further for Forgestar wheels. These wheels come with powder coating on their rims instead of coating them with paint. This layer not only enhances the appearance but keeps them more resistant to scratches and chips.

In addition to this, they enable you to customize your rims and also offer plenty of color options, such as matte black, gunmetal, gunmetal, and silver, etc. the company has introduced fully-forged rims that are stronger and lighter than other casted wheels.

The manufacturers have implemented a rotary-forged process to make these wheels sturdy to be used on race tracks. Unfortunately, these rims are not ideal to be used on rough and tough routes. You can acquire the Forgestar wheels for your Tesla Model 3 ideally.

The popular Forgestar wheels include the Forgestar CF5, Forgestar F14, and Forgestar CF7S to be used for the new Tesla.

Tsportline Wheels

The Tsportline wheels offer some specifications that perfectly fulfill the needs of Tesla vehicles. These wheels are mainly targeting Tesla owners to provide you with a smooth experience. With these rims, you don’t have to tackle the fitment issues. Yet, if you get into any problem, you can simply contact the company’s customer care center. 

Tsportline is an all-in-all-wheel brand that Tesla owners highly recommend if you are looking for wheels with competitive prices and distinctive looks. The overall aesthetics that are specifically made for your car as a great choice.

This brand offers some of the fantastic wheel options for your new Tesla Model 3. These wheels include TS5 Wheels, TSS Wheels, and TST Wheels.

HRE FlowForm Wheels

Here comes a super expensive wheel brand that offers many forged wheels with high-end finishing. Therefore, if you can afford costly wheels and look for flow-formed solid rims, there could be no better option than the HRE FlowForm wheels. 

HRE has designed this series to offer excellent solutions to clients who don’t want to invest in mediocre or low-budget products. This company is reputed for delivering high-end rims that contain innovative technologies, and their wheels genuinely stand out in the market.

Therefore, if you love HRE’s new designs and are ready to spend on quality materials, here are a few options for you. These include HRE FlowForm FF04, HRE FlowForm FF01, and HRE FlowForm FF10.

Final Words

Based on the choices and experiences of Tesla Model 3 owners and community, these aftermarket wheels play an important role in improving the appearance and performance of your new tesla. However, the most popular and reputable aftermarket wheel company amongst all is Tsportline, which offers desirable aftermarket rims in the market.

They check all factors that fit your tesla requirements, such as reasonable prices, great aesthetics, and dependable performance.

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