What Are Wheel Locks and How To Use Them

Imagine walking back from the grocery store to find your car wheels blasted out and carted away. Apart from the shock that this would present, you will also have to buy a new set of wheels to drive home on. So, for your safety, we shall discuss what are wheel locks and how to use them.

While it’s not any car owner’s wish to have a bad experience, thieves are always on the prowl and when they are not stealing the car, they are taking the wheels. What then can you do to have your peace of mind while you sleep, shop or go to work and park your car outside? Wheel locks!

So, what are wheel locks?

You are probably asking yourself the questions: “What are wheel locks?” 

Wheel locks, just as the name suggests are special lug nuts that come with a specific key  for each set. These lug nuts help to secure your car wheels and rims from unauthorized tampering unless you use that particular key. Typically, a wheel lock set comes with a pack of 4-5 high tensile steel lug nuts meant for each wheel. A single lug nut is enough to secure one wheel.

Car wheel thieves will ordinarily begin removing the regular wheel nuts in a bid to steal your wheel. But when they get to the special lug nut also known as the wheel lock, they will be stuck.

How can I use wheel locks?

Removing wheel locks

Wheel locks are pretty simple to use. What you have to do is buy a set, unscrew one regular lug nut from your wheel and keep the nut safely as you may need it when you are buying a new set in the future.

Next, remove one wheel lock from the set and use the accompanying special key to install the new tamper-proof lug nut. Once tightly fastened, do that to the rest of the wheels and keep the remaining one in a safe place.

How to remove wheel locks

On how to remove wheel locks, you only need to remove the other regular nut lugs with a T-bar then use the key to remove the wheel lock.

Of concern is that you should always look for the best wheel locks to protect your vehicle as thieves could easily crack some of the locks with generic keys. Likewise, ensure you always have your wheel lock keys in the car just in case you have to change a flat wheel or when you are having the car serviced.

How can I choose the best wheel lock?

These are some of the features to observe before making a purchase of a wheel lock.

  • Size: Your chosen wheel locks should be able to fit correctly into just like the regular nuts. Buying bigger locks may not only fail to fit properly but also jeopardize your safety, especially when they are loose.
  • Exclusive Key: As we earlier discussed, your chosen key should be unique if you want to keep your car safe and secure. Thieves have universal keys. So, be careful with the type of wheel locks you buy.
  • Ease of use: Always go for the practical wheel locks as the more complicated ones would take much of your time when you have a flat tire and you have to rush to work.
  • Number of wheel locks: Generally, the wheel lock set comes with 4-5 locks. You only need four locks at any given time, but having that extra one isn’t that bad, or is it?
  • Affordability: Always go for a wheel lock that falls within your budget. Fortunately, most of the wheel locks are affordable and will accord you a greater sense of safety.

Knowing All About Wheel Locks and How To Use Them!

Wheel locks are a major invention that most car owners will find useful, practical and affordable. In a dynamic world where you will have to move from one spot to another for work, school or fun activities, safety should be a top priority.

As car theft is increasingly becoming difficult due to GPRS tracking and cut-outs, car thieves are resorting to stealing individual car spares, especially the wheels. These could be sold online within minutes leaving you desperate and frustrated.

If you want to stay ahead of the car thieves and also protect your car tires and rims, you should consider strongly using wheel locks. Now you should know what are wheel locks and how to use them. Get yourself a wheel lock set and quit stressing every time you park across the block.

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