How to Test an Amp of Your Car?

Are you looking for a tutorial on how to test an amp, you are in the right place! We will show you the simplest way to test an amp in your car.


Most of the people think testing an amp is a complicated task. This is not true. It's a simple task but there are some important factors to keep in mind.

When you are trying to test any electrical parts in a vehicle, you need to do it sensibly. Why do you test the amplifier? There are many reasons. If you find burn marks or melted components, it is a good idea to remove the amplifier from the car. Otherwise, this could become dangerous.

Things you will need to do to test an amp

In order to complete the test, you will need some accessories. Without using the accessories, you can’t test the amp properly.

The three components are enough to complete the test. Now, you can follow our step by step process to test an amp of your vehicle.

Step 1

You will find two wires in an amp. A black wire and a red wire. The red wire is known as the power cable and the black wire is known as the ground cable.

You need 12-volt power coming through the cable in order to check the amp. If the power is less than 12 volt, the amp will not work.

Take the power wire and touch it to the positive post of the battery. Then touch the ground wire to the negative post of the battery. If the circuit board is okay, the light will turn on. This is the simplest way to check the amp.

Step 2

It is time to test the amp's ability to produce sound. You need to connect the wires with the speaker. Some amplifiers offer RCA cables and some have normal speaker cables.

You need to hook the cables to the speaker. Make sure you have connected the output cable of the amplifier to test it.

Now turn on the amplifier to check the sound. If the amplifier is on but the speakers do not sound, there is a problem with the amplifier that needs to be repaired.

If you hear the sound and the sound is okay, the amplifier is in good condition. You can use it without any worry.

Step 3

Now this is time to check the fuse of the amplifier. You will find at least one fuse in an amplifier. Some amplifiers also have two or three fuses.

Check the chassis of the amplifier to find the fuse. Fuses are made of plastic. You need to check the fuse if the amp does not work properly.

If the fuse is okay, there is a problem in the inline fuse. So, you need to check the inline fuse of the amp too. You will find the fuse twists apart for this.

The fuse has metal on both sides. You will see a thin wire goes through the fuse. If you find two pieces of wire in the fuse, it has split and you need to replace the fuse. Sometimes the fuse is also cracked. So, you also need to replace the fuse.

Replacing the fuse can solve the problem.

Step 4

If the fuse is okay and the amp is not working, there is some problem in the circuit board. You can’t repair the circuit board without any experience. So, take it to a professional repairman to repair it. Or, you can buy a new amplifier for your car.

Some Additional Tips

  • It is important to wear safety glasses when you are testing the amp
  • You must remove the amp from the vehicle to test it properly
  • You should choose a wide space for better testing
  • You should not force any cable if you don’t know its function

You Can Now Test an Amp on Your Car!

Our tutorial on how to test an amp gives you all the steps you need to complete the process. So, you do not need any professional to test the amp. Identify the problem and take steps to solve it. If you are going to change the fuse, you need to choose a good fuse that's compatible with the amplifier. It makes sense to use the same size and quality fuse for the best results.

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