The Coolest Car Gadgets to Soup Up Your Ride

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The coolest car gadgets are created for the comfort of modern people. Easy-to-use tech devices for the car make life easier for the driver and passengers by assisting in various situations. There are a few things to consider when choosing any smart accessories for the car: a set of characteristics, appearance, material of manufacture, compatibility with the car.

Today a car is no longer just a means of transportation. Modern cars are rich with various devices capable of making the trip more pleasant and comfortable for both the driver and passengers. However, we always want more. That is why we present you with the cool car gadgets for the car in 2022, which can make life easier for driving enthusiasts.

This might be familiar to the top best car gadgets 2021 made by many sites as the years have just begun. Nevertheless, we think that the information given below makes for useful information.

Rearview Camera

A rearview camera is a great device among car gadgets. Thanks to this device, the driver can monitor the situation behind the car. This is great when you need further evidence to get car insurance. The right choice of the gadget allows you to experience additional comfort while driving.

Drivers who bought and installed the camera note the perfect quality of the image. This does not change even with minimum lighting. With a device like this, you can perform absolutely any maneuver when driving in reverse.  

Virtual Assistant

Echo Auto is a one of the coolest car gadgets that mounts on the front of your car. Imagine Alexa in your car. An array of eight microphones is used to pick up voice commands: it is claimed that the novelty will hear the motorist even in noisy road conditions and with music playing. To connect to the Internet, the assistant uses the owner’s smartphone. Thus, you need a suitable tariff plan with the necessary amount of traffic. Data exchange with the cellular device is carried out via Bluetooth.

benz interior

The Micro-USB port is used for the power supply from the car onboard network. Connecting to the speaker system can be done via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio jack. If necessary, you can also buy an optional FM transmitter. Using voice commands, car owners will be able to request this or that information, control the process of playing music, interact with the home “smart” devices, etc.

Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto

If your car supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can not only listen to music from your iPhone or Android smartphone but also display on the head unit screen the necessary applications: maps, podcasts, audiobooks, messengers, calendar, phone.

Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto began to appear in cars in 2016. But it all depends on the maker, model, and configuration. At the moment, more than 500 car models already support this function. With this system, you will be able to fully enjoy road trip music

Vacuum Cleaner

Cleanliness in the cabin of the car is important for the vast majority of motorists. If you travel with kids all the time, it becomes even more important: cleaning crumbs, spilled juice, and dust. Let’s consider the main components of a successful auto vacuum cleaner purchase and learn about the best auto vacuum cleaners on the market. There are several nuances to picking the best car vacuum cleaner. We’ve picked out the most important ones:

  • Pay attention to the power indicator for this coolest car gadgets option. It should match the type of connection of the device and the place of cleaning. For the garage will be the optimal mains unit. For business trips – a battery. For parking – from the cigarette lighter;
  • Do not overload the unit, working from the onboard network of your car. Do not run the machine for more than 30 minutes; 
  • Do not overload your cigarette lighter vacuum cleaner, otherwise, there is a risk of damaging it and damaging the onboard power supply;
  • General cleaning in the cabin is possible only with auto vacuum cleaner power from 80 to 180W. These devices usually run from a wall outlet, with an adapter, but not from the cigarette lighter of the car.

Multifunctional Video Recorder

Often praised on the market is the TrendVision DriveCam Signature, which is a 3 in 1 combo device with maximum functionality.

TrendVision DriveCam includes dash cam, GPS informer and radar detector with 4 modes. You can control the device, including using the application on your mobile phone, you can also watch videos there. Therefore, if something funny happened on the road, you can immediately send the video to YouTube. The main thing is to make sure that the format matches the platform. And if you have problems, use a video converter.

Also, the device has a built-in gesture sensor, thanks to which you can turn off the sound on the device with one wave of your hand. 

Coffee Machine 

If you are an experienced traveler, you almost certainly know one thing about a road trip: the farther you are from the city, the harder it is to find good or even acceptable coffee. For those who are truly in love with the drink, this can be a real tragedy. This is where a simple rule comes into play: if you want to do something well, do it yourself. This is precisely the purpose of the auto coffee maker. It operates from a standard 12-volt outlet. 

To activate the device, the car must be parked. At first glance, this precaution seems redundant. After all, you can entrust the role of the barista to a passenger. However, if they accidentally spill a hot drink on the driver’s lap on the go, there could be a huge problem. With all due respect, safety is in priority. After brewing, the drinks can be placed in cup holders, which is perfect when driving abroad.

The Coolest Car Gadgets for Your Car!

It is very difficult to talk about all possible solutions and things to remember in one article. For the reason that there are a lot of different head units and head units. Of course, all of them are very different in their functionality and capabilities.

I have shown, in most cases, universal solutions, which can be used with almost all devices and listen to music from your phone in any car. I also recommend researching information specifically about your car stereo. Just enter its model in the search and read the description on the sites, look at the technical specifications, and videos on YouTube.

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