How To Quickly Upgrade Your Truck By Installing Fender Flares

Have you considered installing fender flares to upgrade your truck?

Nothing showcases upgrades better than custom accessories on your truck. Whether it’s a complex installation or a DIY assembly, an upgrade can boost the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle.

Fender flares offer a unique balance of pleasing aesthetics and overall protection for your truck. This accessory fits the wheel wells of your vehicle, matching its every contour so that it gets installed snugly onto the truck.

Truck Upgrade Through Fender Flares

If this is the first time that you’ve encountered the fender flare, let’s look at how it can upgrade your truck. Here are the two main advantages of installing these wheel well extensions:


A set of fender flares makes your truck look more menacing and durable. This styling accessory gives your truck an instant aesthetic boost. On top of this, some fender flares come in varying styles such as stock or original design look, sleek or street style, and bolt-fastened design.

bolt fender flares

Bolt fender flares [source]

As time goes by, rust and some amount of damage may build up inside the wheel well. Although you can bring your truck to a rust removal service, a fender flare installation can hide these imperfections from casual glances to give your truck a quick facelift.


Fender flares protect your vehicle’s body paint from mud splashes, stones, and other debris. This feature is especially helpful if you’re planning to drive your way through off-road paths or uncharted territories.

Some states require the use of fender flares, especially if the vehicle has large tires. Check with your local regulating body about the requirement on installing this accessory, particularly on the amount of covering that the accessory should be able to provide.

Factors in Choosing the Best Fender Flares

Choosing the right fender flare could spell the difference between an awesome truck and a badly customized vehicle. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying a set of fender flares:


Vehicles vary in body lines and contours, and so choosing the perfect fender flares definitely boils down to whether it fits your truck or not. When looking for a fender flare, make sure to mention the make and model of your vehicle. That way, the dealer can confirm if their products will be compatible with your truck.


Some products are designed to protect the tire treads as the bare minimum. Others, meanwhile, can cover and protect the tire’s entire width. You may pick the size according to your liking. At the same time, consider the local regulations that delineate the requirements for the fender flare, including its dimensions.


This factor may be more of an aesthetic or personal choice, because this doesn’t necessarily involve the overall performance of your truck. You may choose from a limited variety of fender flare designs.

As a general rule, pick an OE style fender flare if you’re going for the original look of your vehicle. Meanwhile, choose pocket or bolt fender flares if you plan to showcase your truck as a monster on the road.

Paint coat

Another style decision has something to do with the color (or the lack of it). You may ask the seller if they can add a layer of paint to the fender flare, so that it becomes uniform with the rest of the vehicle. On the other hand, you may want to show the bare color of the fender flare to provide some contrast to your truck’s visuals.

Bonus Tip: More Ways to Give Your Truck a Quick Upgrade

Aside from a good set of fender flares, you may also want to consider the following truck upgrades:

  • Pickup bed cover: Choose a tonneau cover that fits your truck bed perfectly, improves your vehicle’s aerodynamics, and protects your cargo.
  • Hood shield: Want to enhance the front of your truck? This simple installation does the trick of boosting the aesthetic beauty of your hood’s contours while at the same time protecting the hood surface from flying debris.
  • Running board: Most trucks may be too high for some passengers to climb on, and so these rigid step boards allow your vehicle to be more accessible. This installation also gives a luxury feel to your already-awesome truck.
  • Lining your truck bed is another small but useful upgrade. It protects the base of your bed from the elements and potential damages caused while loading and unloading cargo.

These tips will help you enhance the beauty and efficiency of your truck. By installing fender flares and other similar accessories, expect to receive a lot of thumbs up for your spankin’ new truck upgrade.

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