How to Wire a 4 Channel Amp [Step By Step Guide]

Do you want to write a 4 channel amplifier in your car? This seems to be a difficult task but ​we will ​make it easy. Basically, you need to ​make a plan of ​the entire process in order to complete the wiring. Otherwise, it ​will be very ​difficult.

There are some tools that you need for installing the 4 channel amp. ​You should have the tools if you want to install yourself. Otherwise, you can call a professional - but that will increase your costs.

​Don’t worry, because today we will give you step by step instructions so that you can wire a 4-channel amp on your own​. First of all, you should collect the tools that you need.


​Tools that you will need

  • Wire cutters
  • Power wire
  • Caulk
  • Blade
  • Rubber grommet
  • Screwdriver
  • Fuse
  • RCA cable
  • Speaker cables

Step 1

​It is important to disconnect the terminal of the car battery. This will keep you safe. You will need to use a monkey wrench so that you can unscrew the car battery.

Step 2

Now take your 4-channel amplifier and place it in a dry, ​ventilated area.

Step 3

Before wiring your amp, you need to read the wiring guideline. ​Different amps come with different wiring, so read the guidelines before you ​connect the wires.

Also, you need to use a screwdriver so that you can connect the wire to the amp.

step 3

Step 4

​Find a metal fixture in your car for a stable position ​for the amplifier. You should ground the amp ​first.

You will find a screw or nut on the inside. Unscrew it and place the amp over it ​and tighten the screw. This will fix your amp to the ​car.

Step 5

Now you will need to connect the ‘Power Wire’ to the amp. ​Look for the label or icon for ‘Power’ in the amp.

Step 6

In this stage, you need to pass the power wire to the car battery. ​Look for a hole in the dashboard so that you can take it to the battery.

Most ​cars have carpeting ​inside. Therefore, you need a sharp blade so that you can make a hole to feed the cable to ​the car battery.

​Step 7

You ​need to connect the power wire to the battery. Use the engine bay hole to reach the positive battery terminal. ​It is important to tie the power wire ​to the engine bay for a better connection.

Step 8

The fuse is an important part of a 4 channel amp. There are many types of fuses that you can use for the connection. You can find ​a power wire with a fuse, or you can buy a fuse separately and connect ​it to the power wire later.


Note: Remember the following ​things

  • First, sometimes the manufacture of the 4-channel amp provides instruction about the use of a fuse. ​If so, read the manual instruction ​before you attempt to ​use it.
  • Second, you should use the fuse within 18-inches of the car battery. Otherwise, this will not work properly.

Step 9

You need to seal the hole that you made ​​for ​the wire, otherwise, water can enter through the hole.

Most ​people, even, professionals, forget to seal the area. You need to use a rubber grommet so that you can seal the area properly.

Step 10

Take the RCA cable and connect it with the amp’s RCA input area. However, you need to remove the head unit ​to plug in the cables.

Step 11

Now connect the RCA output on the head unit ​to make a good connection. You should not plug in the cable in the same direction ​as the power wire.

step 11

​Step 12

If you want to power the speaker using the amp, you can connect the wire with the terminal too. In this case, you need to open the copper wire of the speaker wire to connect it.

Now you need to connect the opposite site of the wire to the amp. Make sure you have revealed the copper wire and that you connect them to the right channel.

How to Wire a 4 Channel Amp

Steps to Wire a 4-Channel Amp In Your Car

This is how you wire a 4-channel amp to your car. This is an easy task to complete. But, ​it is important to do it slowly and follow the process step-by-step ​as we have shown.

​If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section!

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