How to Change the Time on a Pioneer Car Radio [Step By Step]

Do you want to change the time on a pioneer car radio? This is a very easy task. If you do not know how to ​do it, we will show you!


​Follow our steps on how to change the time on a pioneer car radio​.

Step 1: Turn On the Engine

First of all, you will need to turn on the engine of the car. However, you need to keep the stereo off. Otherwise, you cannot go through the process.

Step 2: Press & Hold

Now you will need to use the ‘multi- control button’ on the pioneer car radio. You need to press and hold the button for some time. When the display turns on, you can release the button.


Step 3: Turn the Multi-control button

At this stage, you will need to turn the multi-control button. The control button helps to show you different customization options on the screen. As you are going to change the time on a car radio, you need to select the clock option.

Step 4: Set Hours & Minutes

When you get the color option, you need to select it. Then, you will ​find the option to change the time.

You will need to use the multi-control button to set the time. You can select the hour and turn the button to change the numbers. Once you set the hours, you can move to the minute section.

​At this stage, you will need to follow the same ​process ​for setting ​the hours.

Step 5: Last Step

​Have your finished changing your settings? Then you can escape from the menu. You need to press the “source” button so that you can exit from the​se options.

Now you can turn on the stereo. The Pioneer car stereo will show you the right time on its clock.

For Additional Help

If you want to be safe, you can also learn ​to change the Pioneer car radio time from the official website. ​You need to get the model number of your car’s Pioneer radio, visit ​the official Pioneer ​website and ​search for the model number to get the instructions. In the ​instruction manual, you will ​find how to ​change the time.

The process ​is the same, ​but you can read the instruction manual if you want!

Tips to Change the time on a Pioneer car Radio

We would like to give you some additional tips so that you can complete the process quickly and properly. Of course, this is a simple and easy task for any person, but here are some extra tips.

  • First, you should not press the button too hard. Sometimes users push the buttons so hard that it causes damage.
  • Second, ​it is a good idea to read the manual of your Pioneer car radio model. Some models offer a different or easier way to change the settings.
  • Third, ​it is important to save the settings before you ​exit. Some modern models ask to save and exit, and some do not. If your model asks you to save, you should save the changes. Otherwise, it will lose them.

These are some additional tips that can help you. Our tips ​will give you the best way to deal with the time change​ problem.

Note: Some users have ​complained the time automatically changes after you turn on the car stereo. ​If you are experience ​this problem, you should contact the dealer (in case you have warranty) or consult ​an expert.

That's How You Change the Time On a Pioneer Car Radio!

Now you do not need to ​distract yourself by looking at the time on your ​watch or smartphone ​​when driving. Follow our steps and change the time. ​Just remember not ​to press the buttons hard because you could damage them.

We have provided ​the simplest tutorial on how to change the time on a Pioneer car radio. ​Don’t forget to leave any comment if you are ​having trouble ​changing the time.

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