Make Your First Time Driving in a Foreign Country Stress Free

Remember the first time you drove a car? The nervousness as soon as you roll out of your garage and then onto the main road and highway. That’s exactly what it feels like driving in a foreign country. Going back to square one, learning different traffic rules and etiquette.

These days, the best way to travel is through road trip. And if you don’t take the time to study, you’ll not only get in trouble with the law, but you also won’t enjoy your trip. So here are helpful tips to make sure that driving in a foreign country is going to be stress-free.

Learn the traffic rules

This goes without saying; you must learn at least the basic traffic rules in the country you’re visiting. Find out which side of the road you’ll drive at, the standard speed limit, if the traffic lights mean something different (e.g. red is go, green is stop), and if there are traffic signs that aren’t universal (e.g. maybe their ‘no left turn’ sign is different).

Find out if there are documents that you need to have on-hand especially since you’re a foreigner driving their streets.

how to drive safely in a foreign country

Get used to the car

As soon as you get the car you’ve rented, ask the company if there’s a place where you can test drive it. Get used to the weight, handling, and maneuvering of the car. Once you’re ready to drive into traffic, stay on the slow lane first until you feel like you can drive with the locals confidently. Find airport rentals here and start browsing cars you think you can drive easily.

Be level headed

The worst thing you can be when you’re driving in a foreign country is becoming hot-tempered. Remember that they know their roads better than you do. If they honk at you or show any sign of frustration, just take a deep breath and let it be. The last thing you want is to get into an altercation with the locals and of course a police record in a foreign country.

Have a GPS on hand

have a gps to drive safely

Car rental companies usually offer a GPS device. In the event that yours doesn’t, make sure you at least have a map of the places you will drive to and have plotted important stops and key destinations. Download apps that have a near accurate map of where you’re going. Google Maps is pretty helpful, but be wary of alleyways the GPS thinks is a shortcut you can drive in.

Avoid long drives

If this is your first time to drive abroad, try to avoid doing long trips first. Also, consider avoiding city drives because this is where traffic is at its most dense. What you can do is drive away from the city and go to places where tourists don’t usually clump in. For instance, Australia isn’t just about the bustling city life, it also has natural wonders which you can visit, beaches, caves, and national parks.

Rest well

Don’t drive when you’re exhausted because you need to be on full alert. Sleep deprivation is dangerous and can cause your brain to function slowly which in turn make you feel sleepy. If you feel like you need to take a break from driving, do so to recover. There are plenty of cheap hotels that you can find around the main roads of any country.

rest well before you hit the road

Driving in a foreign country might be intimidating especially if it is outside of your country. Aside from different traffic rules, the driving culture of other passengers might also be different. And if you are not careful this might lead to serious injuries or worst, death. Thankfully, this article will surely help a lot in reducing the chances of stress and trouble during your trip.

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