Revamping A Scrap Car into Something Drivable

An old car might be sitting around your garage right now, gathering dust and not being able to see the light of day. It can turn into an eyesore, especially when you only have a small garage. Instead of letting it sit there for a long time, consider revamping or restoring it to a roadworthy state.

Car restoration is a popular hobby across America. They take an old car apart, freshen the parts up, and put them back together to look good as new. It’s so popular that there are competitions for restored classics across the country. If you just need a ride that you can use every day, that’s fine, too.

A car restoration or revamp is an excellent option if you want to keep driving or displaying a classic vehicle. While they may not have the features and amenities of modern-day vehicles, restoring vehicles allows you to preserve a piece of history or relive the good old days. But that’s not the only benefit.

Below are other benefits of revamping your scrap car into something drivable.

1. Provides a Feeling of Satisfaction

Realistically speaking, most car restorations are done due to the desire of the owner to preserve its original appearance. There’s a sense of accomplishment to be had after working for days or weeks restoring an old bucket of bolts into a piece of nostalgia.

Moreover, revamping a scrap car also provides a feeling of satisfaction through customization. It gives you the opportunity to personalize your vehicle into something that truly reflects your taste. Whether you prefer a different color for the body or a newer upholstery for the interior, the scrap car is your canvas.

However, if you think your scrap car can no longer be revamped, then it may be time to let go of it. Fortunately, scrapping your vehicle allows you to get money in exchange for the metals that are being taken out of it. For instance, the value of a scrap car depends on the make and model of your car and the buyer you choose.

2. Increases the Car’s Value

Breathing new life into an old classic also increases its value. Contrary to popular belief, more people prefer their classics still roadworthy, even if it means sacrificing a bit of its original look. It makes sense, considering that the original parts have long been phased out in favor of modern ones. With a proper restoration, the car can combine both the old and the new.

This works if you’re looking to sell your revamped vehicle in the near future. The good news is that selling a car with Auto Wranglers and other companies that buy cars is a very straightforward process nowadays. It’s the perfect option if listing your car and dealing with all the hassles that come with it won’t fit into your schedule. Depending on its existing demand, rarity, and condition, you can receive a higher offer for your vehicle. You can consult published guides like the NADA Guide, but the market tends to vary wildly.

3. It Helps Save Money

Fixed scrap car

Buying a new car can be expensive, especially if you don’t have the cash to make the periodic installments. You can take out a car loan, but the interest will probably come back to bite you. A restored car, while still quite an investment, won’t cost as much.  

Restoration work allows you to work at your own pace, which is beneficial when funds don’t come steadily. The cost can be divided over the course of the project, which usually lasts weeks or years depending on the investment. You can generate more savings if the car still has parts that can be reused or require some refreshing. 

Challenge Yourself

Revamping a scrap car may sound like a daunting challenge, if not impossible, especially if it has remained inside the garage for a long time. But all it takes is the proper investment and a bit of dedication on your part. Even the oldest vehicles can be restored good as new—and there’s a sense of achievement in every step.

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