4 Steps to Deal with a Motorcycle Accident

The open road is a great time until things close in around you. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, the lack of protection offered in that particular form of transport often leaves both the driver and the vehicle open to a lot of potential damage in the case of a collision with another vehicle, or anything else for that matter. Staying calm and keeping your head after an accident is an important first step to take, as it will help you be rational enough to deal with what’s to come. Here are some other steps to take after an accident

Medical Attention for Injuries

First and foremost, you need to get yourself checked for injuries, even if you feel like everything is okay. Adrenalin caused by the accident could be numbing anything that might need attention and there also could also be internal issues you’re not aware of. Another important call to make in this regard is to an injury accident lawyer. Getting in touch with a good lawyer to help you deal with motorcycle accident claims is going to be crucial in making sure you have a legal leg up and don’t get caught unawares.

Gather Evidence

Sticking around at the scene of the accident is going to be important for a lot of reasons. First of all, make sure that you and anyone else involved is okay, and report what happened to the police. While you are at the scene, take the opportunity to gather some evidence of what happened too – this will be important for the legal implications you’ll have to deal with later on. Make sure you know what caused the accident, get the contact details of any potential witnesses and take photographs of everything you might think necessary (damage, registration plates, location, personal injuries). However, be careful not to say anything that might be damaging to you in legal cases until you have spoken to a lawyer.

Contact your Insurance

motorcycle crash

You’ll need to speak to your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident has occurred. You can provide them with the information you gathered from the accident scene, as well as all of the details about the vehicles involved (like type and model). Report your injuries to the insurance company as well, but only after being assessed thoroughly by a medical professional. Here are some more tips for dealing with car insurance.

Follow Up

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident (especially one with major effects) is going to require some long-term management. It’s important that you are regularly following up with your attorney, car insurance, medical insurance, and your doctor until everything has been officially resolved. In this case, your medical attention is likely the most important – be sure to follow the doctor’s recommendations and take any prescribed medications and keep up with any kind of therapy suggested until you have made a full recovery. Oftentimes, the consequences of a traumatic accident can impact us mentally even more than physically, so be sure to seek attention in that area too, if you feel you might need help processing the accident.

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