What You Need to Know About Tilt Tray Trucks

When it comes to moving things from point A to B, no vehicle is quite as quintessential as the truck. Depending on the needs of the customer, transport trucks can come in all manner of shapes and sizes to fit certain types of loads.

Do your things need to be stored in a closed container, or are they okay in the open air? Are they too heavy to be lifted even by machine? Are you transporting a vehicle, or maybe even a house? Unless you want to have something transported by air or by sea, there's a truck for that.

How Do Tilt Tray Trucks Work?

how do tilt tray trucks work?

The tilt tray truck is one of many variations of flatbed truck commonly seen along highways transporting all manner of objects. As its name implies, the truck uses a hydraulic lift built to tilt the bed or tray of the truck towards the ground. This is often used in conjunction with a retractable ramp to make loading objects onto the truck much easier, and some truck models also come equipped with a motorised winch.

Why Choose This Type of Truck & Transportation?

What are the uses of tilt tray trucks?
  • Easy loading and unloading: With the entirety of the truck bed able to tilt towards the ground, loading and unloading objects on to a tilt tray truck is a breeze. This makes the trucks especially useful for transporting other vehicles that can simply be wheeled onto the bed. It is also exceptional for loading objects that would otherwise require another large vehicle just to get the object on to the truck, such as removing vehicles damaged in an accident or towing away vehicles in relative ease.
  • Can carry very heavy or bulky loads: The tilt tray truck's hydraulic lifts do more than just making it easier to place objects on and off of the truck. These lifts also have the added feature of improved weight distribution, allowing the truck to support much heavier loads than it would otherwise. And because the bed of a tilt tray truck is flat and exposed to the open air, there are very few restrictions imposed on the truck's loading capacity in terms of size and bulk. For this reason the tilt tray truck is one of the most versatile transport vehicles available, capable of transporting anything from standard shipping containers to objects even larger than the truck itself. Steel and concrete beams for large construction projects, other vehicles, and even entire houses can be loaded on to a tilt tray truck.

  • Offers towing capability: Some tilt tray trucks come equipped with a winch in addition to their hydraulically lifting truck bed. The winch is typically used to help load objects on to the truck bed, which effectively eliminates the need for a separate forklift or other machines to be on-site to assist with loading and unloading.

  • Cost-effective: The versatility and flexibility of the tilt tray truck allow transport companies to use the same class of vehicle for a wide variety of transport jobs. And with fewer vehicle types available in the fleet, repairs and maintenance can be standardised across a large portion of the fleet, lowering the cost of upkeep and allowing the company to offer lower prices to the customer through tilt tray hire services.

What are the Pros and Cons of Tilt Tray Trucks?

Although the tilt tray truck is highly versatile, it isn't the kind of vehicle that can do it all. Many of the tilt tray truck's features make it particularly useful for transporting cars and vehicles due to its ease of loading and unloading as well as its high loading size and weight limits. This is very useful if one plans to move to a new location a considerable distance away; having their car transported to the new location preserves the mileage of the car and protects it from the mechanical wear and tear it would have sustained if the car had been driven the whole way. 

That being said, the open-air bed of the tilt tray truck will still expose the car to dust and debris while in transit. For those who want to keep their cars pristine, a truck with a closed container would be the better option. The same could also be said for other, more fragile objects such as furniture and decorations that need to be protected during transport.

Would You Consider These Trucks for Your Transport Needs?

There is a lot more to transport and shipping than just going from point A to point B. As mentioned, transport trucks are equipped with all manner of features that are designed to fulfil certain tasks. Naturally, some trucks will be preferable for transporting certain objects over others.

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