Tips on How to Install Dynamat in Floors

This how to install Dynamat article will help you in solve the problem of ​noise inside your vehicle. The quality of the sound system in your car can be affected by noises like rattling doors and sounds in your trunk. There are some cars that already have sound deadening from the factory but the quality is not that good.

Likewise, the older the car the lower the quality of sound deadening materials that have been used. To resolve this, Dynamat designed various products that will fit every application: you can put ​sound deadening ​in the doors, floor, firewall, trunk, roof, and rear deck.


How to Install Dynamat

The trick is to identify which part of the car the Dynamat will work best. Each part of the car has specific properties in sound deadening. The floors have different properties ​compared to the doors, while the firewalls require something else to reduce the noise.

Before you shop for sound deadening, you need to determine which areas you need to deaden and what properties each part requires. This how-to article focuses on the installation of Dynamat in floors.

Steps in Installing Dynamat in Floors

What you need

  • Dynamat kit pack
  • Dynalite
  • Paint scraper
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
  • Chip Brush
  • Mar-Hyde One-Step
  • Rubber Roller
  • Razor knife

Steps on Installing the Dynamat in Floors

In the past, ​the sound deadener used in the entire interior of the car was a spray-on liquid. Although ​reduced the noise, the quality was ​not that good. The fact that it was water-based meant it ​lead to some rust patches.

To remove the spray on stuff, you can use a paint scraper, ​some MEK (similar to acetone), and some grease. Cleaning the car floor may take hours.

The next step is removing the rusty parts. Use chip brush and Mar-Hyde One-Step, it will transform the body into black oxide primer. This will prevent the rust from spreading, which ​could result in replacing the floor.

Removing the original mat is quite messy. Use a metal spatula. In some places it ​will come off in small pieces, destroying the paper. In other places, you will have a hard time getting the scraper under the mat. The best solution in this situation is to cut the center of the mat.

​Clean the entire floor thoroughly so the new mat will stick on the floor and not the sand and dirt. The last step before installing the Dynamat is removing everything using MEK to clean the old adhesive and grease.

Fit the Dynamat on the floor. This piece normally fits perfectly, so there is no need to cut it down. After test fitting the sheet, remove the backing ​to ​expose the adhesive. It has a foil back that conforms to the corrugations and corners of the floor pan.

Use a rubber roller to press the mat into the corners and crevices of the floor. This is an important step not just to achieve the right sound dampening, but for better adhesion.

The kit includes a trimmed mat that is laid on the hump with the paper still in position. Trim the mat using a razor knife in different parts to make a pattern for the hump.

Remove the paper, flatten the mat and use a rubber roller to make the mat stick. Covering 75% of the area is enough for proper sound deadening.

When covering the floor pan, you need to give attention on the wire chase running to the back of the car. Use a rubber roller make sure to press the mat into the channel.

The mat is removed from the factory metal tabs. The wire loom ​keeps the mat in place just like normal, which makes the carpet flat.

The holes intended for the seat belt might be covered during the installation. Use a razor to uncover the holes.

Once the mat is in position, remove the paper backing ​and run the rubber roller ​to press the mat in position.

To reach the creases, use the edge of the roller. Make sure you make the corners and edges rounded, and not square.

The last step in sound deadening is the Dynaliner. It is ¼ inch foam material that installs the same way as the ​mat and reduces wind noise and heat. The Dynaliner conforms to the car perfectly and makes a difference in wind noise.

You Know How To Install Dynamat Floors!

We hope this how to install Dynamat article was able to help you ​solve ​your problem with ​sound quality. You might need the help of an ​expert in installing the Dynamat, but ​if you can do it on your own by simply following the steps above, you will be able to save a lot of money.

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