Which Type Floor Mats is Right for Your Tesla Model 3?

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The Tesla Model 3 is a powerful electric car that requires equally powerful protection for the interior to maintain its aesthetic. If you own the car, you safeguard the inside from odors, and stains as well as keep it looking good by investing in high-quality car floor mats.

Now, the thing is that there are many different types of floor mats available for the Tesla Model 3. Do your research to find the quality Tesla car mats appropriate for your car?

Selecting the appropriate car mat is not the easiest job considering the different options in the market but it does not require you to have an engineering degree either. With a clear idea of your priorities and a comparison of different mats, you can easily pick a winner.

Rubber, Carpet, Vinyl or Plastic Floor Mats? Choosing the Right One for Tesla Model 3:

Without further ado, here is a comparison of the different mats to help you make the right choice. We’ve got the details for you.

Rubber Floor Mats

If you are looking to get value for your money, getting rubber floor mats for your Tesla Model 3 would be wise. Why do we say this? First, these mats are extremely easy to clean seeing as they can simply be hosed down with water to eliminate any dirt and debris from the surface. This makes them ideal for people with pets or kids.

Another thing about these mats is that they can withstand heavy foot traffic and damage hence long-lasting. Modern designs also come with deep curves and ridges for trapping dirt and spillages that would otherwise fall off right to your car’s carpet.

The only downside to rubber car floor mats is that they often emit a distinctive unpleasant smell especially when new due to their rubberized construction. However, the smell usually fades over time.

Carpet Floor Mats

Carpets floor mats comprise a blend of materials including nylon and polyester. One of the most outstanding features about these mats that make them appealing is their swollen top surface. You will certainly feel comfortable stepping on one especially if you like to be barefoot while in your car.

These come in many types that you can pick from and they offer more coverage and protection than your car’s floor mat. They are also typically cheaper than the average car dealership floor mat. They are a perfect choice for people who reside in areas where there is not much mud, loose dirt, or snow. We also have to mention that they are perfect for absorbing small spillages.

However, carpet floor mats do accumulate a lot of dirt over time and they stain easily. You will realize that their cleaning process involves scrubbing the surface with soapy water and rinsing it out so that it can be hung to dry. That is not easy.

Another thing is that they tend to wear out faster and easily hence not ideal if there is a lot of foot traffic in your car. This also means that you may have to dig into your pockets often to replace yours if you have one.

You also want to keep in mind that these floor mats will absorb spillages and odors that can only be eliminated by washing. Therefore, if you are clumsy or usually have people in your car that will spill drinks and the like, it may not be the perfect choice for you.

Ultimately, this kind of floor mat is best for persons who do not have kids or pets and those who do not often have passengers in their car.

Vinyl Floor Mats

Most people often confuse vinyl with rubber. However, vinyl is a polymer that looks and feels like artificial plastic. It is also cheaper than rubber and that explains why most people use it as a substitute for rubber.

Vinyl car mats also come in a wide range of styles and colors meaning that you get to choose what works with the interior of your Tesla Model 3 in terms of aesthetics. One of the things you will love most about these mats is that they are as easy to clean as rubber mats. With a bit of soapy water, you can eliminate stains easily and restore your vinyl mat to its original state.

The material is not easily damaged as only harsh chemicals can tear it apart. Considering that vinyl mats are inexpensive as well, you certainly get value at an affordable rate with these mats.

Now, despite all that, vinyl car floor mats do not make great weatherproof options. For instance, they cannot be exposed to the sun for long periods otherwise, they will fade. The mats also begin to succumb to wear and tear after a while making frequent replacements necessary.

Plastic Floor Mats

These are also referred to as PVC. That simply means that they are made from polyvinyl chloride. You will find that a plastic car floor mat is easier to maintain and clean. Polypropylene is a high-grade quality material that resists wear and tears better than other materials.

Plastic is also resistant to most chemicals and is thought to be one of the most rugged materials in the market. It has exceptional weatherproofing abilities so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also depend on a plastic floor mat to resist odor, rot, perspiration, and mildew. 

A plastic mat is also easy to clean because you can simply hose it down with water or vacuum it. Moreover, because the colors are added when the material is being created, its colors will not fade.

When it comes to the cons plastic does emit a heavy unpleasant odor and harmful gas that are potentially detrimental to human health. It also easily hardens when the weather is cold and could even block your car’s throttle and pose a safety hazard.

This is why plastic car mats are not currently widely used by car owners. 

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Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect floor mat for your Tesla Model 3 requires you to research what options exist in the market and how they are going to benefit you and your car. In the end, whatever mat you pick boils down to your personal preference, taste, functionality, and budget.

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