4 Facts About Car Paint Protection

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Car paint protection provides an additional layer on top of your vehicle’s original paintwork. It shields your automobile’s paint from fading, bird droppings, stone chips, tree saps, and other contaminants that can harm your car if not protected.

Besides keeping your investment looking glossy and new, car paint protection preserves your auto’s longevity and resale value. Learning more about paint protection before investing is key to helping you make informed choices. Discussed below are four facts about car paint protection.

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There are Various Types of Car Paint Protection

Understanding the various types of car paint protection can help you identify the best option for your needs and requirements. They include:

  • Paint protection film: It’s a transparent urethane layer applied to your vehicle’s body panels to shield the paint underneath. Considering how sturdy, chemically stable, and flexible the material is, it acts as a second skin to the panels, safeguarding the paint from mechanical damage, including paint chips, scratches, and UV degradation
  • Ceramic coating: It’s a liquid polymer applied to your automobile’s exterior. Ceramic coating forms a chemical bond with your vehicle’s paint and can last long if well-maintained. This solution works very well against road chemicals and UV rays-related paint damage
  • Paint sealants: They’re synthetic products that offer benefits similar to auto wax but last longer. Car paint sealants protect your investment’s exterior. They add a mirror-like finish to the paint, which is functionally and visually beneficial for your vehicle
  • Car wax: It’s a unique synthetic coating created using carnauba wax, beeswax, petroleum distillates, and natural oils. While wax leaves a shiny finish on your automobile, its longevity depends on how often you clean the car and external elements like weather

Regardless of the paint protection option you choose, professional auto detailing experts like paint correction Fresno can guarantee a prime-quality paint protection service.

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Paint Protection Maintains Your Vehicle’s Value

If you intend to trade in or sell your automobile in the future, its paint’s condition and appearance can significantly influence its resale value. A vehicle with damaged or faded color may be considered a liability by prospective buyers, leading to a low resale value. You can maintain and protect your car’s paintwork with paint protection, making it look attractive and appealing to potential buyers while commanding a better price.

Car Paint Protection Prevents Rust

Besides making your car look unsightly, rust can significantly damage its body. It happens when oxygen and iron come into contact with moisture or water. Your automobile is highly prone to rust as it’s exposed to various environmental elements, including high humidity, acid rain, and road salt.

Rust can cause structural and cosmetic car damage. It can also spread fast, making it costly and hard to repair when ignored for a long time. Fortunately, using paint protection on your car can help prevent rust. If the start has already started, paint protection keeps it from spreading.

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Paint Protection Minimizes Auto Maintenance Expenses

While regular car washing protects paintwork from elements while keeping your vehicle shiny, harsh cleaning products can strip it of the clear coat, resulting in oxidation, discoloration, and fading. Paint protection ensures easy car cleaning and maintenance by keeping debris and dirt from bonding with car paint. This saves the effort and resources required to clean your vehicle.

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Paint protection can be quite rewarding for car owners. As such, learning facts about paint protection can help ensure better car care.    

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