How To Keep Your Car Color Bright And Shiny?

For car lovers and owners, maintaining a vehicle is about the engine and, of course, the car's outward appearance. Just as servicing your car engine is a sign of good maintenance, keeping your car’s color bright and shiny is also a good sign of care. Besides, giving your car the best maintenance care ensures that you can use it for a long time.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some practical tips on how to keep your car’s color shiny while it's in your care.

1. Wash With The Best And Right Cleaning Agent

It's one thing to wash a car, and it's another thing to wash the vehicle with the proper washing products. One of the first mistakes car owners make is cleaning their cars with the wrong cleaning products, which, over time, causes damage to the car's paint job simply because the products' chemicals aren’t compatible with those of the car's paint. 

On a general basis, you can find soap and shampoos for cars. You can use any of those but make sure you consider certain factors when choosing the best washing product for your vehicle, such as the following:

  • Doing your research to know the best cleansing agent that balances the paint job's pH
  • The right cleanser that won't leave white spots on the car's surface after drying off.
  • Finding a cleanser that won’t weaken the paint job of the vehicle over time.

Considering the factors highlighted above will guide your selection of the right washing products, ensuring that your car maintains its shine and color.

Asides from that, some cars require specially made washing products that might be expensive but are worth the trouble and every penny spent. You can easily get these cleansers from the car servicing company or seek expert advice from them on the right cleaning agent to use–learn more here.

2. Avoid Leaving Your Car Exposed To Harsh Temperatures

Harsh/extreme temperatures have a direct and unpleasant effect on a car's appearance over a long period. Hot sunny weather, hail storms, rainy weather, and so on have a harsh impact on any car's paint job; weather conditions cause the vehicle's paint to weaken faster. 

Avoid parking your car directly under the sun. The direct UV rays and the extreme heat wears out the vehicle's paint faster, giving it a dull and expired look. Doing this on a continuous streak will result in your car's color gradually flaking and peeling off.

The same applies when you expose your vehicle to rain and hailstorm. The forceful impact of the water droplets will break apart the consistency of the car's paintwork. The ice’s droplets will also crack and scratch the vehicle's surface.

Those who are liberal about parking spaces but want their car paints to last longer should take note and use alternatives like covers and hoods for their vehicles. Parking in shaded spaces will also shield and protect the car from environmental elements.

3. Clean Your Car As Often As Possible

Keep Car Shiny

On average, you should wash your car weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the frequency of usage. But you should clean your vehicle daily to rid it of minor dirt and debris that can damage your car's appearance as they accumulate over a long time. 

Mud, dirt, bird droppings, rain, sand, and so on easily stick to the car. If these are left to dry off and aren’t rinsed off immediately, they can cause the vehicle to look rough and become permanent stains on the vehicle, damaging the lovely look.

To avoid that, clean your car daily with a soft piece of cloth and clean water. If the impurities have dried off on your car, use some water to soak it and then use a clean, smooth piece of cloth to wipe it off. 

4. Wash With The Right Washing Equipment

Some car owners and car wash companies use brushes to wash the car, while others use soft pieces of cloth, and others even use high-pressure washers. It's acceptable to use any of these tools to wash your car. However, take note that using the wrong type for your car can cause damage to the vehicle's surface.

If you’ll use a brush to wash your car, ensure that you stay off stiff, bristle brushes that can scratch your cars' surface with their edges. Instead, use soft bristle brushes that smoothly gloss over the body without causing any damage.

If you’re using clothing materials, use soft and none-breaking materials as they won't leave thread residues on the car's surface after washing. For high-pressure washers, always ensure that the pressure isn’t too intense as it can cause damage to the surface. 

Follow the Tips and Shine Brightly

Who doesn't get attracted by the sight of a bright and shiny car on the street? Such a view is always heartwarming for everyone, especially to the owner of the vehicle. To maintain such a beauty, you have to ensure that you wash the right way, use the right kinds of products, clean regularly, and use the right tools.

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