Customize Your Car with Automotive Linear Actuators

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We live in a society where automation has become the sole driver of mainstream trends. To think that automation far extends beyond the assembly line. We now have vehicles that were once the mere means of transportation, evolving into sophisticated hubs of smart functionality.

Linear actuators are the heart of the automotive automation market. You can find them in modern cars, heavy equipment, and RVs. They work behind the scenes and are responsible for some of the most basic functions in modern cars.

Basic functions like sliding doors, opening and closing windows, parking brakes, A/C, power tailgates, closing vent doors for temperature regulation, and so many more. Keep in mind that these actuators vary in size from tiny devices installed into car components to big actuators that control the tailgates in SUVs. Here are customization ideas you can try with linear actuators.

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7 Automotive Customization Ideas To Try With Linear Actuators

Here are seven different customization ideas to try with linear actuators;

Popup Trunk System

Rather than go through the hassle of manually opening and closing the trunk of your vehicle each time, linear actuators make this possible. Constant manual opening, closing, and slamming could lead to wear and tear of the motors that control their mechanism. 

Hence, by installing linear actuators to your trunk system, you only have to push a button, and it pops open. This customization option makes it easy and overhauls the need for mundane tasks that redefine how you use your car.

Door Control

Customizing your car’s door control system with a linear actuator instantly transforms how your car operates. However, keep in mind that the customization technique works differently for different door types. 

For instance, for sliding doors common in vans and SUVs, the installation is typically within the door structure. This will help to achieve a smooth and automated sliding function. However, for Lambo, their doors open and then pivot forward. Linear actuators facilitate this type of motion.

To make this possible, linear actuators are placed strategically within the door structure. They are the engine behind the automated movement, whether swinging, sliding, or lifting.  

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In-cabin comfort and Dynamic Climate Control

linear actuators can help you control the temperature, humidity, and even the airflow of your vehicle. With the vast array of automotive customization option with linear actuators, the era of manually adjusting your air vents are long gone. 

When integrated into seats, linear actuators engineer precise and smooth adjustments. This is beneficial for achieving an optimal driving posture and reducing fatigue during long journeys.

car seat

Moreso, for those who are looking for that extra in-cabin comfort, linear actuators control massage functions. They control movements and pressures to provide you that redefines your driving experience. 

Roof Control

Roof control automation with linear actuators always goes with convertible cars. The elegance of top-down driving, freedom of the open road, and cool breeze touching you are experiences many people yearn for in convertible vehicles. 

Linear actuators are responsible for the motion in your car’s roof. For context, they facilitate precise and smooth movements of your vehicle’s roof. So whether it’s a sunroof enhancement, pop-up roof system, or even a retractable hardtop, roof control customization immediately upgrades your car’s functionality.

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Exterior Enhancements

It’s more of a holistic approach when we talk about exterior enhancements for your car using linear actuators. For context, you can customize your headlights to become adaptive. This upgrade lets you quickly activate its cleaning mechanism or adjust height. 

Better still, you could automate your pop-up headlights with 12v linear actuators, replacing old vacuum ones. Other areas you could try out customization with linear actuators are rearview mirrors, installation of pop-up electric windows, headlight wipers, and the windscreen. 

These various compartmental upgrades give off a holistic visual appeal and performance boost. Whether you’re customizing for personal or commercial purposes, exterior enhancements instantly upgrade the car’s value.

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Wheelchair Lift

For individuals with mobility challenges, wheelchair lift customization is a massive upgrade made possible with linear actuators. Wheelchair lift upgrade is not just about convenience; it’s a vital investment for independence and inclusivity. 

This upgrade is possible in compact cars or spacious vans. Linear actuators engineer wheelchair lifts and make controlled vertical movement possible. They elevate the lift and enable smooth ingress and egress for wheelchairs.

Garage Charger for Electric Cars

It’s a smart move to customize your electric car garage charger using linear actuators. In this type of customization, you can choose a wall or floor-mounted charger for the upgrade, which will then be upgraded for adjustable height or lateral movement. 

Various customization options include positioning, cable strain protection, and space creation. For context, when fully optimized, the charger automatically aligns with your car’s charging port. Manual involvement at this point is eliminated. 

Aside from the practicality of this feature, this upgrade immediately sends a sense of a futuristic car. 

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Conclusion on Automotive Linear Actuators

From charge port door systems to electronic seat adjustment, the application of automotive linear actuators is not slowing down in functionality. Contrary to popular opinion, linear actuator installation is a cost-effective solution. 

Over a period of outdoor use, actuators can wear as a result of water and dust, it is advisable to go for linear actuators with a reliable rating. These actuators are powerful and durable and also come with an in-built limit switch. 

Hence, it’s only a matter of adoption because these smart devices are already engaging drivers to create a simple yet sophisticated experience on the road. All these are only a testament to what’s possible in our current civilization.

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